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Becoming a Big Fish

July 25th, 2013 // 3:50 pm @

Video: Becoming a Big Fish

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August 2013 Magazine

July 15th, 2013 // 2:29 pm @

MDM Magazine – August 2013

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July 2013 Magazine

June 15th, 2013 // 2:38 pm @

MDM Magazine – July 2013

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The Zero Tolerance Market

May 23rd, 2013 // 2:18 pm @

The Zero Tolerance Market

If you haven’t already been introduced, I’d like to welcome you to the Zero Tolerance Market.  Specifically, YOUR market – whatever it may be; is now operating under a zero tolerance policy.  The shift has been occurring for a while and will likely only get worse. What is this ‘zero tolerance policy’?  It’s simple, but harsh; […]

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June 2013 Magazine

May 15th, 2013 // 4:53 pm @

June 2013 MDM Magazine

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It’s Your Responsibility To Sell

April 24th, 2013 // 11:53 am @

It’s Your Responsibility To Sell

Last week I received a random phone call from a representative at GoDaddy. Of course, at first, I was annoyed that I even answered the call; thinking to myself what survey do they want me to answer.He starts to tell me that our account with over 250 domains, is a rare occurrence; that most accounts […]

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May 2013 Magazine

April 15th, 2013 // 2:44 pm @

MDM Magazine – May 2013

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Measuring Marketing Effectiveness

April 14th, 2013 // 7:18 pm @

Every aspect of your business should be held accountable – especially marketing dollars which can be easily tracked. You need real answers in order to manage your business properly. To begin measuring your marketing’s effectiveness, we first need some basic metrics.

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Spend More to Make More

April 14th, 2013 // 7:15 pm @

It’s all too common for business owners to review the monthly credit card statements with a focus on the right column – the dollar amount. As it should be, money spent on acquiring leads and customers is often one of the larger numbers in the column. Thus, it attracts the slashing pen on an indiscriminate entrepreneur.

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Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

March 22nd, 2013 // 12:47 pm @

It’s critical for all entrepreneurs to know the metric: Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Not only does it yield a powerful number from which you can operate, it’s process also explores elements of your business that reveal opportunities for growth.

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