Explode Through These Obstacles Holding You Back NOW!

Explode Through These Obstacles Holding You Back NOW!

March 19th, 2015 // 11:57 am @

Explode Through These Obstacles Holding You Back NOW!

Well…did you have a Happy St. Patrick’s…I had so much fun it’s taken me all day to write this. Haha. Of course I’m joking, you know me, that didn’t happen. Although I do LOVE St. Patrick’s Day because of what it represents.

Actually, I wonder if you have ever listened to my Wealth Attraction and Money Manifestation Audio Program? It’s my best reviewed program I’ve ever done. Usually I don’t let anyone have it separately but I’m in a good mood, if you’d like to put my methods to the test I’d be happy to open up my Million Dollar Methods vault of marketing, sales strategy, and wealth attraction resources for you.

You’ll find an overflowing pot of Gold over this Rainbow…right here.

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Now on to this week’s crazy concepts to drive more luck into your life and make your business explode with growth. As promised here are my 5 Principles and the details of each one of them for you to take action with.

1 – The person who shows up the most makes the most money

In this instance I always point out that you never know when your customer will need you and if you aren’t there at the right time you are going to miss the opportunity to take care of them.

I have this happen all the time with my Dentists, I do little surveys to their patient base when they have what we call “unscheduled treatment” or “pending treatment” and we ask them how many of them have gone somewhere else to get the work done. It is usually 30-40 percent and never less than 15%, that means because you are lazy about your client, customer, patient relationship and you do not take responsibility as their ‘leader’ for their sales decision they go somewhere else because you didn’t show up enough.

At the very least you should be practicing my relationship marketing system of a weekly email, a monthly newsletter, and random customer touches throughout the year. Sure some people will tune out but a whole lot more will tune it and stay connected.

You decide if you want to go for the few or the many, if you want to help a lot or a little, and then do something about it.

Show up. Give them ways to communicate and say yes to you.

2 – Nothing trumps personal relationship

When I talk about personal relationship I’m actually talking about live human beings…because you will never beat out a person or business who brings back the human connection to their work.

Yes, I talk to a lot of people, yes many of them do not buy, but it allows me to get to know my customer before I get married to them. It allows me to make certain they are the right ones for me and it allows me to guarantee my results.

If someone is doing things that lack personality, they use completely automated software, let computers do their dirty work, have no emotional connection to their buyer: they will lose. I promise you this.

I have someone on my team who’s sole purpose for breathing is to act at a moment’s notice if we have a client who has a victor, a record day, a special time in their life, if something tragic happens – they are here to make it personal, send gifts, do things that others will never do.

We go out of our way to make sure our customers know we are human, we care, we believe, and we have their backs.

Of course not everyone gets this attention because they are not all equal, those that are committed to their outcomes as much as we are, those who vote with their dollars, they get more attention as it should be.

I see too many people NOT grading and rating their clients, not going above and beyond, letting technology take over for relationship and it’s BS.

We can always do better, we try to do better, still we do more than anyone else I know and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

3 – There is something, most often many things that can always be done, more, better, faster in your business

Yes. Simply put every single week I meet with every key person of my team, at this moment, 6 people, one of them is my wife…who I meet with about our personal life, the domestic side of my existence and I ask all of these people the same 5 questions – what’s going well, what isn’t going well, what can I do better, what can you do better, what is the most valuable use of our time and most profitable opportunity we need to capture right now this week.

They do this same thing with the team of people underneath them.

And for my top 2 people we ask ourselves every single morning WHAT CAN WE DO TODAY to better serve our customer, to grow faster, to implement more, to make more money.

The people who wait until the game is over every day or week or month to see if they’ve won and then make adjustments are both LOSERS and LOSE.

The people who adjust hourly, daily, weekly, are the ones who make the most money AND SERVE their customers the best.

I have lived for years with my motto of “a year in a quarter” plan out 12 months and then condense it down to 12 weeks.

I get breakthroughs for my clients so fast because the first place I go is…let’s make your monthly income your weekly income or let’s make your annual income your quarterly income, let’s make your daily income your half-day income.

You get the idea. Question yourself. Do more, work faster, be better.

4 – You can’t be cheap when you are trying to build value in your business

This is one of my biggest pet peeves. It makes me furious.

People who pinch pennies instead of make dollars. You are simply NOT a legitimate business owner if you are cost conscious instead of opportunity smart.

Go ahead try to “save” your way rich, try to “cut your expenses” and make more profit. Any one of your competitors or colleagues who makes the decision to serve their customer better without being cheap, anyone who decides to OVER deliver instead of UNDER serve because they are cheap will lose.

If you are smart every person you hire should pay for themselves in hours…not weeks…or months.

When I hire Treatment Coordinators or “dentistry sales people” for my clients they usually pay their monthly salary every single day…I mean they have to try hard NOT to do this. Good ones earn their monthly salary 2 or 3x over in a day.

This is because we position them for success.

If you focused on how little you could pay them then it’s most certain going to be a person who isn’t worthy of a job to begin with.

Please…stop looking at your business expenses as expenses…you are cheapening your customer experience.

You know why I demand charging as much as possible for my expertise it is not only because of value it is because I want to do what is best for my clients.

I never want to question when they need something if it’s going to cost me money, I go above and beyond because I do not have to think twice about doing what’s right for the customer because I am positioned to profit and that means over deliver.

Show me someone who is struggling in their business or they are slaves to their business or employees and I will show you someone who is cheap, poverty minded, and is strangling their business growth because of their view of money and expenses.

5 – You can work SMARTER in all ways…but you can’t ever separate WORK from MONEY and building your business

Finally…ah heck, I’ve said enough here…we’ll deal with the whole WORK=MONEY link and I’ll give you my TIME/LEVERAGE breakthroughs from hours for dollars next week. You want to learn how to work smarter…get these 1st four principles engrained in your mind and built into your business philosophy and foundation now. You’ve got 7 days and on to bigger and bolder breakthroughs.

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