5 Daily Habits for Wealth Creation!

5 Daily Habits for Wealth Creation!

March 25th, 2015 // 2:35 pm @

5 Daily Habits for Wealth Creation!

Simply put, most people have no room in their life for opportunity. They fill it up with everything but “anything” that’s going to make them money or bring the opportunity.

It is amazing to me how “busy” someone says they are when they are in fact not making any money, and have nothing to show for their efforts.

Seriously, I know, a majority of you reading this fall into this category and I risk offending you – good – hope so. Because that is what it will take to convince you to take an honest look and a reality based assessment of what you are doing and whether or not it is making you money.

Here is the test…

Is what you did today adding to your bank account today, tomorrow, one month from now?

Are you making more money this month than last month, than last year?

Is money and opportunity coming to you more easily, readily than ever before?

Just like that saying about “work” that it will occupy the time allowed. Give it two hours and it will take two hours, give it two weeks and you’ll be lucky to be finished in time.

The secret is to learn the art of condensed time and accelerated effort. Also, to embrace the reality of accurately looking at your goals and objectives and having integrity with yourself as to whether or not you are actually working towards those goals or if you are just filling up space and time.

It is your loss. Yours and all of those around you. But it affects no one else – and you’ll not recognize it…immediately, only months and years from now, the opportunity loss, the cost of complacency and “do nothing productive” habits.

It’s a frustrating, viscous cycle that one must break out of.

Tips for doing so: have more discipline – want it more – be hungrier – have a bigger purpose and reason.

How do you do all of that, daily?

Like this:

Focus on the top 3 priorities that will generate you money, opportunity, build your wealth and bring you closer to your goals – DAILY. Do these 3 before you do anything else.

TIME BLOCK your life so you LEAVE NO ROOM for the unnecessary, the destructive, the time wasting and life sucking things that you consume your days with now.

Have people who hold you accountable, help you along, encourage you when you need it and kick you in the ass when it’s warranted.

KEEP SCORE, money, to-do lists, customers, everything – watch the clock and determine where you are at the end of the day and week versus where you needed/wanted to be to accomplish / hit your desired goals and outcome.

Finally…this is critical you must first have a laser sharp focus and clear vision with a definite direction and purpose – then you need a blueprint for exactly how to make that happen, so it’s literally like step by step, one-two-three – paint by number easy…your action plan to profits to follow and implement and execute daily.

This past weekend I hosted some of my top dental clients in Charleston for a Scott-Style Retreat. Now understand this, they are all successful already or they wouldn’t have been there, but they dedicated three days of their busy lives to figure out how to be MORE successful.

Much of the conversation came back to one or more of these daily wealth habits: time blocking to focus on ‘A’ patients, adjusting your priority list, and having an extreme focus on their direction.

No matter where you are today, you should never settle. Your definition of success should always be evolving. Figure out how to break through the specific barriers and challenges you are having right this moment – and to make sure that what you really want (your goals and ambitions and dreams) your business model is supporting and making possible.

Success and Wealth Creation are a daily, hourly, minute-by-minute struggle. “Win” more of those minutes and watch success happen.

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