Creating A Business Overflowing With Opportunity

Creating A Business Overflowing With Opportunity

November 4th, 2021 // 11:20 am @

Creating A Business Overflowing With Opportunity

We are transitioning from two opposing themes – the spooky darkness of Halloween into the gratitude and giving of Thanksgiving.

Throughout October we talked about how to combat and protect yourself from the scary things out there.  You have to be aware of reality so that you can make the most of it and stay in control of your business outcomes.

On the flip side, your business is very much a product and the result of the attitude and mindset of the leadership of it.  Despite our fun with Halloween, it’s no way to operate the other 11 months.

Do you want a culture of fear, always wondering what’s lurking out there in the haunted world just waiting to get you?


Do you want a culture of abundance, opportunity, and appreciation by always finding the good in what’s around you?

Of course, I’m leading you in the direction where you belong.

Businesses based on the negative find that their prosperity is always under attack.

Businesses based on the positive find that their prosperity is always plentiful.

You choose by what you look for, what you expect, but more importantly by how you lead your business on a daily basis.

You can think of examples of businesses who have experiences that are all about abundance and then you can think of businesses that are all about a mentality of lack.  Well, actually it’s harder to think of those businesses because no one wants to think about them.  You detest going to, interacting with, doing business with companies that have so many guidelines, restrictions, and other inhibiting customer controlling mechanisms in place it is hard to even give them money.

On the other hand, the exciting businesses to engage with are just more enjoyable to be a customer of and happily exchange your money for the value they provide.

In fact, you look for more ways to buy from them because it just feels good.

This is what happens when you come from an abundance mentality.  Yes, this does go back to the core principle of our shared belief and acknowledgement that like attracts like and whatever is prevalent in your life multiplies.

Your business gets to decide what it wants to multiply for you, your team, and your customers.  It chooses based on its culture, messaging, interaction with customers, and above all else with its leadership.

As we move into the next season of the year, I am encouraging you to check in on yourself and your business to really take a look at what your culture is like, where your focus is directed, and how you determine your priorities.

In what ways could you more closely embody your belief in prosperity and abundance, in gratitude and appreciation, in a plentiful mindset and a culture of good?

We’re going to dedicate a few weeks here to opportunity creation and how to build a more prosperous business.

Today, our goal is to start first with your mindset as an Entrepreneur that you are resourceful in every way.  Everything you ‘need’ to achieve your goals, overcome any obstacles, breakthrough to the next phase of growth, and ultimately get to whatever next level of success you wish to accomplish; you have them available to you.

You lack nothing necessary to succeed.  It is all a matter of how you approach, value, and use your resources.

Let’s be specific…

Are you getting all you can out of your Team?




Are you getting all you can out of your Marketing?

Lead Generation

Sales Conversion

Nurturing and Follow-up

Are you getting all you can out of your Customers?

First Transaction

Upgrading and Ascension

Lifetime Value

Are you getting all you can out of Yourself?

Your Leadership

Your Time Investment

Your Overall Business Strategy

These are just some examples of high-level lists that you could ask yourself are you being resourceful enough with and then re-read the question and insert the topics.


Think bigger

Think bolder

Think more strategically

Think more resourcefully

You first have to believe and see things bigger, bolder, more strategically, and more resourcefully.

I would challenge anyone on the fact that it begins with your belief in abundance and your mentality around whether you see your business, yourself, your team, your customers as ‘enough’ to not just get by or if you are determined to create an ecosystem filled with opportunity where all things are plentiful.

If there is any deficiency anywhere then go to work on it and make it better and but don’t let the deficiency come from your perspective of lack or your fear based mentality that gets in the way of you seeing all that is possible.

It is not just cliché that before things are achieved they must be believed and before they are believed they must be conceived.  At your core, what you ‘imagine’ and how you feel about all of this has more to do with your ability to succeed and whether it is difficult requiring endless effort or it comes with less struggle.

Here’s my goal for you this November…

That your business is a cup that’s not half full or half empty, instead it is always overflowing.

Of course, belief isn’t enough; it’s what you do with it, how you act on it, and bring it to fruition.  That’s where we’ll head next week… creating a living culture of opportunity and growing your business through the principles of abundance where every day you have overflowing and plentiful resources to achieve your goals.

This is what your business is all about because you are its leader and the source of all that is possible for you and everyone who benefits as a result!

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