There Is Already ‘Plenty’ Within

There Is Already ‘Plenty’ Within

November 11th, 2021 // 11:24 am @

There Is Already ‘Plenty’ Within

This month, for obvious reasons, we are talking all about building a business and creating a culture of abundance and plentiful opportunities.

I gave you a multi-part question segment last week that would be a year’s worth of implementation, if not more, and all the breakthroughs that would come with it.

Literally, I broke down and laid out in the most simplistic form a series of components that would open up the gates and remove any barriers from the opportunity to prosper and expand your profitability as well as your overall success with your business mission.

Here’s the thing, like most opportunities, people miss them, don’t take advantage of them, undervalue, and underestimate them because of three key reasons…

First, they are too busy to pay attention to what the real business is and what their greatest responsibility is as a business owner and entrepreneur.

Creator.  Opportunity capitalizer.  Leader of prosperous profitable progress.  Visionary and decisive action facilitator to execute the highest-level priorities to achieve the greatest level of success.

Not a task-oriented, transactional worker stuck in a routine of monotony oblivious to what is going on around them.

There is a dramatic difference that requires great discipline in being aware of but not distracted by ‘everything’ and this is the Entrepreneur’s Sixth Sense when they are dialed in.

The second and third are really linked together that get in a business owner and entrepreneur’s way are both forms of doubt or skepticism whether from self doubt and a lack of confidence or from ego and arrogance; whichever side of the coin it delivers the same outcome.  Being wasteful of potential by choosing not to be open minded – you see what you want to see that validates your belief system instead of what is possible.

Not diving deep into these questions and assessing how you can expand on and increase the value of your existing business from the four key pillars of assets you have is short sighted.

It doesn’t embody and bring to life the abundance mentality that you deserve.  Instead, you need to reinforce seeing your business as the plentiful fertile ground of opportunity that it is.

If you want to boil it right down to why most business owners and entrepreneur plateau, regardless of what type of business they have, it’s because they never break free from being order takers of their customers where they take what they can get based on what a customer is willing to hand over.

By focusing on creating a business that is plentiful in opportunity and prosperity, you develop a place that is not limited by thinking, people, time, systems, or anything else.  You actually get to design it as you desire it to be.

I call it creating what you want and doing business on your own terms.

People make a lot of excuses about what their customers will or won’t do; what their team does or doesn’t do; or what they see as being possible or being impossible.

It’s all a false fable they are telling themselves because someone else somewhere else is doing for their customers what they say can’t be done – someone else is proving the impossible to be very possible.

The big difference is they engineered the business to achieve the result they want and they took complete responsibility for it by removing all excuses.  That is, turning limitations into opportunities, problems into possibilities, and abdication into obligation.

I ask you again – from a plentiful mindset and focus on opportunity…

If you could improve anything about your team, culture, or business what would it be?

If you could improve anything about your marketing, sales, or pricing what would it be?

If you could improve anything about your customers’ behavior, value, or experience what would it be?

If you could improve anything about your own leadership, role, time-value what would it be?

These are the questions of a leader without limitations and a business owner that sees endless opportunities.  The more you strive for this in your words and actions, decisions and directions, vision and execution, the more you will see your profitability and growth take flight in your business.

The good news is business is not just about warm and fuzzy feelings.  You can count up your success and track your results.  It’s a math problem that you get to not only figure out the answer to, but create the formula for it.

This month, as we are running into the last chunk of the year – don’t get too reflective too soon, there’s time for that – stay pedal down, head up, future focused, and aware of every opportunity around you.

Your homework this week is to double check yourself on your level of awareness of seeing opportunities and taking advantage of them.  I challenge you to look for possibilities within and make sure each pillar of your business is living up to the potential you know it has.

As the saying goes, waste not want not.  Most business owners think if only they had more customers, more time, more team, more opportunity – more, more, more – they’d have enough to hit their goals.

What they don’t realize is there is already plenty within; if only it were all utilized, nurtured, maximized, and appreciated fully.

Next week, we’re going to layout some very specific strategies to use this same theme on your customers and your team to genuinely go into appreciation and gratitude mode as principle as well as authentic philosophy that will naturally stimulate more growth, prosperity, and opportunity in the process.

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