What Will Be In Your Stocking in 24 Days?

What Will Be In Your Stocking in 24 Days?

December 1st, 2021 // 9:56 am @

What Will Be In Your Stocking in 24 Days?

For most, December is the most profitable month on accident simply because of the holiday push and then they make excuses all year long about why they are “slow” waiting for the holidays.

Others make excuses that December is going to be tough because of a shorten schedule or people putting their money into other things and it’s all blah blah bah-humbug type of stuff.

It’s a simple concept around how you see December and what you choose to do about it by engineering it deliberately for success or sitting back and wishing your year away.

In life and in business you can either see what other people put in your stocking or you can decide to fill up your own stocking – only one way guarantees you get what you want.

So, why is it then that so many people will slow down instead of speed up for the Holidays?

Did you know, if you took into account every major holiday and excused yourself out of part or all of that week, you would quickly find you’d lose at least a month, probably more like 6 weeks, and if you added in all the made-up retail, calendar boosters, fake vacations, and sort of ‘off’ just-because-holidays, you’d lose an entire quarter of your year.  That is, if you let these affect you.

It’s no wonder why average people who accept the status quo and fall into complacency controlled by others take years to achieve what someone who is focused, driven, accountable, and aggressively executing on a strategic agenda that is all their own grows quarter to quarter, year to year.

If you give in to everything around you, you are already at so much of a disadvantage it’s impossible to keep up let alone achieve your stated goals and objectives.

This is why I advise and encourage you to maximize every day, use every holiday, and otherwise be resourceful to what the world gives you to further your personal and professional ambitions.

It’s just smart.

Success, money, prosperity, they like people who take control,  who accept responsibility, and who are smart with their time and talents.

Sure, it’s okay to take time off, you know my thoughts on vacation – the more the better, within reason and intentionality, as long as you ‘earn them.  You are after all your own peak performer.  You are the quarterback who needs time in between games and seasons, but real champions never let time on the clock go to waste.

Here’s the bottom line: obviously the calendar tells the tale that December is upon us.

One-twelfth of your year is yet to go, that’s a lot of days in the grand scheme of things and you get to choose how you use them.  I hope you are using every December to make the most of the turn of the calendar and holiday/buying spirit of your prospects, clients, patients, and customers.

Today, I encourage you to make your List.   Not your Christmas wish list, rather your take-initiative-finish-strong-profit-creation list for December 2021.

What is the number one most pressing thing you can do to achieve your goals or accelerate progress in the next 30 days?

What messes need cleaned up or what things need addressed so you can begin fresh again in the New Year with no baggage or frustration?

What opportunities have been underutilized, what people, ideas, or assets have been ignored that can be reignited, reestablished, reinvigorated with the Holiday Spirit and final sprint to the end?

I say to you this, and I have said it many times, in most things how you start can impact how you finish.  At the end of the year the opposite is true, how you finish will directly determine and predict how you will start your next year.

The first gift you have this year is the month itself, to make the most of, to hustle, and create your own magic.

You do get to choose what you get this Holiday Season, a stocking full of coal (otherwise known as a month of excuses), or a bounty full of prosperity, opportunity, and momentum going into 2022 to propel you forward towards your future.

No, Santa Claus is not watching, he’s not checking his list, he’s not concerned with you… because he’s WORKING!  He’s got a lot to accomplish in just 24 days.  I’d follow this guy, if I were you, and do the same.

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