How To Defeat The Dark Magic Plaguing Your Life and Business

How To Defeat The Dark Magic Plaguing Your Life and Business

October 28th, 2021 // 10:34 am @

How To Defeat The Dark Magic Plaguing Your Life and Business

There is a toxic spell that society casts on you that you must recognize and intentionally choose to rid yourself of it.  The darkest magic out there is the negative criticism and naysaying of others.  These days it’s called ‘cancel culture’ but this is nothing new because most prefer to try to hold others back rather than take personal responsibility for their lives.

The true Entrepreneur is a creator at heart, an innovator, a dreamer, a doer, and one who thrives off of believing in all that is possible.  These spells attempt to strike at your core.

They takes on many forms.  It can be as blatant as the negative reviews online or your team talking about your prices being too expensive.

Or it can be as innocent as your friends or family questioning your need or maybe your ability to achieve whatever goal you’ve targeted next.

You really never know where this is going to come from.

While it is all a different degree of criticism, it has the same impact if you are torn between your desires and your deserve level or your current state in business and your vision for the future.

Whether you will be held back by these forces or if you will be strong enough to create magic of your own comes from what you focus on and what you let grow inside of you.

If you grow your confidence you get stronger, you attract more of everything you want.

If you grow your doubt or begin to question your own purpose, mission, goals or objectives, then you diminish your powers to influence and create.

This is why what and who you let into your space (physically, mentally, emotionally), is so vitally important to your life and business success.

In this Halloween Edition, I’m going to give you two specific examples, first for you and second for your business.

Both of these determine whether your life and business are susceptible to the forces of dark magic and the witchcraft exerted by the world around you or on the flip side if you become a practitioner of your own power to create a world of your design.

First, comes from one of my dear friends, Lee Milteer, the acronym for FEAR… False Evidence Appearing Real.

Most people live their lives in “FEAR” – of all that will never happen or doesn’t really exist.  The greatest fear of all is ‘what will others think’ which is, albeit predictable, a waste of time because – who cares – except those you choose to value their opinions.

As a business owner you get the privilege (should you decide to take it, to earn it, to respect it, appreciate it, and use it), to be in control and to be the one who people come to for your expertise and opinion versus being at the mercy of everyone else’s.

So, stop fearing what might happen and instead create the reality that you want.  Be the controller of the ‘known’ instead of the one scared of the ‘unknown.’

This extends now to your business with the second example.  You don’t have to hide your business potential just because it might frighten others or be ridiculed.

What others don’t understand or can’t fathom achieving, they criticize.  This is not just about competitors, but everyone.

In your business, this extrapolates down into every aspect of your interaction with your customers and your team inside.

You are only as strong as the weakest person in their beliefs and convictions about what you do.  This is why you want to tell your customers how to value you, how to make a decision, and how to experience what you do.  You tell your team members how to be part of your mission, how to believe in your purpose, and how to expand your influence.

You have to, as it’s not an option to leave it up to chance.  That’s when evil forces find their way in.  You must proactively protect against it because your mission and your work are too valuable and too important.

What you should know by now and this is part that haunts you every day of the year not just on Halloween is the more successful you are, the more ambitious you are, the more committed to your goals, and the more you are using your magic for good – the more detractors are drawn to criticize you.

You can protect yourself from the spells and negativity of the black magic that is out there.  You avoid the witchcraft and voodoo of others by never losing sight of who you are, what you want, the good you are doing, and why you are doing it.

Through your business, you have risen to the occasion to be an all-powerful magician of the life and enterprise for the betterment of all.  With that comes responsibility, embrace it and make the most of every opportunity.

Remember this: you get to Trick or Treat every single day in life and when the door is answered you don’t get to pick from someone else’s selection, you get fill up your own bag with whatever you dream, desire, decide, and deserve because you hold the power of an Entrepreneur.

Happy Halloween!

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