How To Break The Spells Of The Past and Present

How To Break The Spells Of The Past and Present

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How To Break The Spells Of The Past and Present

It’s always the same enemies that cast a spell on you and sabotage your ability to succeed.  These spells sap your potential and drain your momentum.

The first one that should come to mind is self-doubt.  But self-doubt itself must be instigated from some other source and that’s where you must go deep into the darkness to beat back the bad thoughts, negative energy, and harmful hexes.

Self-doubt is really about past failures… all of the things that didn’t go your way or goals you’ve failed to achieve.  These skeletons stay with you even though your past is behind you.

The best thing you can do is to appreciate the skeletons of the past that helped give you the knowledge of today and that have allowed you to course correct in order to achieve your goals of the future.

None the less, the real secret is to turn those skeletons into bone broth and make some good out of the bad.  Do not carry them with you.  Do not keep them in your closet.  Rid yourself of all remnants.  Because there is no place in the future for the past in any other form than memories and wisdom.  Use it to fuel your determination for where you are headed, without being beholden to where you’ve been.

Take a look in your closet and see what skeletons are still there from your past.  Now, make a decision to take action against them and end the spell they cast on your future.  But these aren’t the only ones to worry about.

While you are looking around, you might spot a few other areas where your business is suffering from spells of the present.  Here are four to seek out…

Focusing too heavily on the negative incidents,

Your belief about what customers won’t do,

What prince you can or can’t charge,

And what your people are or are not capable of.

All of these are based on illusions of what is real.  Decisions should be on based on future ambitions, not present assumptions.

First up… choosing to focus on the negative, even when the negatives amount to the smallest of percentages.  Too often people make big conclusions as a result of small indicators.  For example, someone might change their pricing after one bad review or adopt a whole new set of protocols because of one complaint.

Never focus on the exceptions at the expense of the constants.  You can be flexible but not fickle – a key to a long-term business success.

Next, your customers can be controlled through having a positive and proactive philosophy coupled with an experiential business dynamic that guides and trains them.  You don’t have to accept their existing behavior as their future behavior.

Your fees and prices can be increased and paid by being on offense when it comes to value exchange as well as attracting the right customers and creating the right sales environment.   Never reduce your price just to satisfy the lowest common denominator.

And your people (or some other people if not the ones you have now), are capable of far more than you believe as long as they are provided the platform, training, playbook, and resources to be successful.

You might not be willing to do what’s necessary to elevate your customers or deliver what is required to get the prices you want or invest in your people to increase their performance but all of those are within your control.

So, you can give up powers to the whim of others or you can do the work necessary to hone your abilities to make your business (and all those who are in it) anything you want it to be.

Think about it right now…

What’s something you wish your customers did differently or something that frustrates you and ask yourself why is it this way?  Where did that originate from?  What spell do you need to dispel to improve it?

Where did you get the idea for your pricing structure and fee set-up?  Was it random or reflective of something or someone else?  Are you happy with it, responsible for it, desire it to be any different?

What in your magical crystal ball do you see in the future of your customer engagement and the fees that you aspire to have?

It goes all the way back to the core focus and most basic principle of seeing the desired outcome as vividly as though it were already tangible and believing in your power to create it.

You don’t have to settle for the status quo or what’s always been.  Instead, create your own reality by rejecting these false illusions.  That’s how you break the spells of the past and present.

However, there is another type of witchcraft that plagues even the smartest and most capable business owners as it shackles their powers more so than anything or anyone else.  Next week, I’ll help you correct this curse once and for all.

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