Your Winning Practice Playbook: Part 11 – The Final Chapter

Your Winning Practice Playbook: Part 11 – The Final Chapter

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Your Winning Practice Playbook: Part 11 – The Final Chapter

We have arrived at the final chapter of your Winning Practice Playbook.  I trust that you have taken each part and worked through it, practiced it, and reviewed the game film to ensure you are dialed in like never before.

The key to championship performance is to build an Offense and Defense that is capable of executing at that caliber on a consistent basis.  An integral component of that is working on your own personal development.

A play can only be executed with as much effectiveness as the players performing it.  That is why it’s not just about the plays but about the fundamentals, not just about the team but about the individual.

When it comes to ‘taking care of the player’ it all comes down to guarding against the things that get in your way of success.  The most significant obstacles to peak performance are…

Self-limiting beliefs and self-doubt; allowing elements into your environment that are detrimental to your ability to focus; lack of preparation or not having the necessary resources to perform at the highest level; and the overall toleration with complacency.

With each of these you must challenge each other to protect your practice (and ultimately your patients) from the threats that rob you of your ability to win and help more patients get healthy.

There are five core tactics to achieve and sustain success at the highest level when it comes to combatting these forces.

First, you must leave no time (or as little time as possible) for any of these threats to take up mental or actual space.

When your time is filled with what you want, it can’t be filled with what you don’t want.  The fact of the matter is successful people and the most consistent high performers have no time to lose, no time for negative thoughts, no time to pay attention to other’s criticism, and no time to be running behind.  They have no minutes to spare because all the minutes are used up with winning the game.

Second, build a winning environment and set yourself up for success in advance.

This is where the most tangible application comes from our mentality to “play our game” and run your practice on your own terms.

Just like your time, your environment is the key to controlling variables and keep out what you don’t want by keeping in what you do.  This includes the schedule but also the patient experience, your team meetings, your physical space, and even the music that is played.  It all combines to create your environment.

It gets even more important when you think about your home environment, your car, the places you hang out, and the people you hang around.  The more you control not just the time but the actual physical space around you, the less room there is for negative variables and influence.  Go on offense by setting yourself up for success just like we did for your practice with the Offensive Playbook.

Third, embody the philosophy of always striving for excellence with everything you do.

I have talked with you before about the 4 Mental Focuses that I learned from my Martial Arts years…

The Concept of Healthy Competition

Train As If It Were Real

Review Your Progress

Renew Your Goals

All of these are tools to use to keep you on your toes and charging forward with growth and development.  The point is, if you are striving for excellence in every way all the time, you still won’t ever be perfect but you’ll be closer to perfection more often than not.

Average players wait for problems and challenges to do anything about it.  They change and improve only when it’s forced upon them.

Champions find new opportunities to improve as they continue to strive for excellence.

Fourth, and this one combines all of the others… What you put in is what you get out.

You are in control of you.  Not just your time and your environment but yourself.  What you feed the machine of your mind and body is exactly what you will get in output.

This is what will unequivocally will determine the three vital factors of your own performance and achievement.  This first is your own psyche (which is comprised of your self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence).

The next one is your actual ability to respond, to think, to act, to deliver results.  If you have bad input (including distractions that rob you of your peace of mind), you can’t possibly be at your best because you aren’t being the best version of yourself.

The third reason why input matters is the reality that not everything will work out.  You will encounter missteps and the occasional failure.  By being resilient, steady handed, undeterred, and to persevere in the face of setback, you will be able to sustain success in the long term.  Having positive influences will strengthen your resolve and allow you to return victorious.

Fifth and finally, the key to your personal performance is your own expectations.  In other words, what you believe is possible actually is.

When you take responsibility for the outcomes and truly expect it to go your way, you have a far greater probability at achieving it.  Expect success because you have earned that right.  By taking your practice and life this serious, you have separated yourself from average, you deserve the rewards as a result.

This reminds me of that powerful quote by Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

The best teams believe they are the best teams, not out of arrogance but because they know they are willing to do what it takes to win.

As we bring our Winning Practice Playbook to a close, remember this… the greatest power you have as a Champion is the complete acceptance of your personal responsibility to ‘be’ a Champion.

Life is too sacred, the game too short, winning too important to let anything come between you and victory.  Master this playbook and you’ll be well on your way to winning on your terms and helping more patients become healthy as a result.

Now, the game isn’t over.  Instead, for you, it’s just begun!

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