Solving The Mystery of Dental Practice Magic

Solving The Mystery of Dental Practice Magic

September 29th, 2021 // 11:19 am @

Solving The Mystery of Dental Practice Magic

Here we are, the first of October.  The real start to Fall and the kick off to the madness that is Halloween.

For now, we’ll save the frightening realities that are occurring outside the practice and stick to the happenings on inside of your practice.  After all, that’s why we’ve gathered here together so we can tackle topics of significance for you, your practice, and your patients.

So, let’s begin our theme for the Month of Halloween.  Here’s the premise, prepare yourself, because we’re going to reveal the magic for all things dentistry right here in the next few Weekly Reports.

Whether witch or wizard, our lessons will help you demystify and decipher truth from all the hogwash that plagues the potential of what is truly possible.

By understanding what may seem like magic to others, we can transform otherwise ‘average’ performance and ‘mediocre’ practice results into the extraordinary.

This “magic,” once mastered, is what delivers unprecedented profitability regardless of practice type, size, model, or location.  It is what encourages more patients to accept comprehensive treatment.  It is what takes the unpredictable variables most practice owners believe they are at the mercy of and puts you in control over your own destiny.

There is a precursor to separating fact from fiction, a preliminary step necessary to get the full effect.

It begins by getting rid of preconceived ideas and being open to seeing things differently.  There is more possible than what you believe to be true right now, as long as you allow yourself to believe.

Think about this… have you ever set a hard to reach goal that you thought might not even be possible – and then made happen?

More importantly, were you able to make it happen again and again, on purpose, predictably, and on-demand?  Just because it seems elusive, doesn’t mean it’s impossible

Once you master this approach, as long as you stick to it with discipline and focus, you can easily repeat these remarkable results on a consistent basis.

Where we are about to go over the next handful of weeks is to quite literally blow up what the majority of everyone else in dentistry say are the “must-do’s” or the “can’t-be-done’s” (and every other made up rule that doesn’t actually exist), to then create magic inside of your own practice to astonishing avail.

So, warm up your wands and get out the book of spells.  It’s time to question the status quo, prepare to counter the curse, and consider the abnormal the probable.

This includes everything from schedule to case acceptance, from patients to team, from hours to profit.

This is the very reason why you are here with me and why I am here for you.  This is about taking ‘practicing on your own terms’ to an entirely new and reimagined level.

And above all else, this is about knowing, embracing, embodying, and being outwardly proud and inwardly at peace with the fact that you are not an ‘ordinary’ dental practice.

You don’t have to live a lie nor settle for what others see as success or deem appropriate by an industry standard.

Because you set your own standard, you make your own magic, and you are your own creator of outcomes.

One of my favorite questions that ties directly into this principle is, “Doubt whom you will, just never yourself.”

It’s fine to question everything.  Question what you are accepting, what you believe, why it has to be ‘that’ way.

But, no matter what, do not doubt what you are capable of, do not doubt the magic you can make happen within your practice for your patients.  You’ve worked too hard, you’ve come too far.

So, embrace the magic – it works if you get out of the way of it and instead get behind it and be the source where it originates from.  You use your life for the betterment and health of others.  The more magic you master, the more everyone else wins.

This is why not just knowing your power but using it is so significant to everything and everyone around you.

You see, most people in life do what most doctors do in dentistry: they take what they get instead of create what they want.

From a lifestyle structure, a quality of patient, a practice culture, a team dynamic, the dentistry they do, and even their incomes.

That’s because breaking the mold the industry has established and taking full advantage of being an Independent Private Practice Owner is considered… taboo.

It’s preferable for most within the industry to have cookie cutter, one size fits all practices where even patients are simply a replica run through a system forced into one certain way of doing things.

This doesn’t have to be your reality any more.  You are breaking out and breaking through.  It just might take some special magic, a few new spells, and good-spirited hex (or two).

Which brings us to next week’s lesson where we’ll bust through the illusory myths you’ve been told that all-too-many doctors have been wrongly convinced are real.

They’ve taken trick-or-treat to a whole new level, but we’ll break the curse and unleash your practice’s full potential.  Stay tuned!

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