Defining (and Achieving) True Independence

Defining (and Achieving) True Independence

July 1st, 2021 // 1:55 pm @

Defining (and Achieving) True Independence

Every year around this time I write a similar message about embracing your independence.  It is the time of year we celebrate the sacrifices made to keep our country free and give you the rights and choices to pursue your ideas, dreams, and ambitions.

During the current state of affairs, with increasing friction and unpredictable turmoil from last year, it may become more difficult to acknowledge and truly appreciate your freedom, aside from being mask-less.

Here’s a big reminder: if they can give it to you they can take it away.

But there’s another type of freedom and independence that no one can steal from you.  It’s the one you define and create.

Let’s be clear if you have to be told you are free then you really aren’t.  Are you?
I will say have faith and stand strong in your conviction to this country (or whatever country you are calling home) no matter what the ‘state of the union’ because our Hearts are bigger, greater, stronger than any other opposing force out there.

That said, I know my readers represent several countries, countless cultures and religious beliefs, and literally thousands of different ways to earn a living and achieve independence in all areas of your life.
I have always said the greatest way you can honor those that came before you and fought for your ability to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, is to take those words seriously, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” – it is yours for the taking.
Today, I want to emphasize the real enemy is not those that try to minimize you or even take away your independence – the enemy is ourselves who let’s someone have power over of us.
True independence begins as everything else in life does…
Inside of your own mind.
It begins as idea and belief of what’s possible.
Independence takes the shape of your own personal goals and objectives for life, your purposes and passions you work for.
No one can take away your independence other than yourself, no one has power of you unless you give it away to them.
Every day you wake up, you have the same choices to make, will you use today to further your own independence – and then to follow that statement with actions that lead to your goals.
This past month I hosted our Wealth Groups for their Quarterly Immersion Experiences and the entire theme was all about The Law of Attraction and Prosperity – it always is – this time we took it to the next level.

One of the questions and principles was “if you don’t know what you want, how can you ask for it and therefore how can the Universe help you and ultimately deliver it?”

It can’t.  And the same goes for Independence.  It is important to begin by asking yourself this 4th of July what I believe is the most important question of all…
“What does Independence mean to You?”
In other words, why are you working, what do you stand for, what is the point, what do you expect and want your business to provide?  
Here’s a certain guarantee for you – if you don’t have your independence clearly defined you won’t achieve it, enjoy the process of creating it, or even be able to identify it.

You see – above all else the independence we have been given is the right, ability, and means of pursuing and achieving Independence based on our definition.
Let not anyone else tell you what it should mean – NO.  It is yours to have and do whatever you wish with and for.  Then you have to claim it and own it and commit to it!

It doesn’t happen to you or for you or with you –

you happen to it.
You set your own hours.
You determine your prices.
You choose your own customers and employees.
You pick your business and industry.
You are in control.

And I could make a longer and more important list about life as a whole.

In particular – your degree of independence perceived or real directly impacts your degree of happiness (and one of the great ways to do that is of course with your actual financial freedom and true liberation, but this is only one type of independence).  True independence begins with your beliefs and in your mind.
To me, no matter who you are or what you do, defining your own independence is the first and most important key to actually having it.
I challenge you to do this TODAY.  Celebrate your country’s Independence by making sure you have your own State of Independence.  This should be a powerful exercise in self-actualization and true life planning.
Define your independence.
Design your path to get there.
Devote yourself unconditionally.
This is about creating your ultimate lifestyle and I stand firmly saying there is no other reason to go through the pain of entrepreneurship, the war that exists everyday to be and stay an independent business owner, unless you are doing exactly this.
You cannot have what you do not clearly define and then commit to making your reality!
And stop worrying about people who judge you because they haven’t taken the responsibility to earn the right or take the sacrifices to create the ability to achieve their own personal independence.
Now, if you want to know the secret of all secrets to having everything you want in life and living a life and operating a business with complete independence, financial wealth, and a liberated lifestyle – I’m going to tell you.
Above all else, if you want to have everything you want in life…
Then start now by practicing Independence by being Free…
Free from Excuses.
Our Society has become one big never ending constant excuse for why things are the way they are or why things can’t happen, and all of this is designed to provide the “average person” justification of staying under the control of other people.
Not You.  You have no excuse and will not let anything stand in your way.
Be independent from all excuses and soon you will find yourself living the life you really want to live liberated from all things, helping and giving of yourself to other people, and reaping the rewards you deserve of the lifestyle you have chose, created, and designed.
I believe ‘this’ is the way to best Celebrate Independence Day, every day.
Enjoy the Holiday Weekend with your family and whatever you do, don’t wake up on the 4th of July (or any other day of any other month on the Calendar) without YOUR own definition of YOUR Independence!

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