You’ve Got The Passion and Purpose, Now What?

You’ve Got The Passion and Purpose, Now What?

June 10th, 2021 // 11:00 am @

You’ve Got The Passion and Purpose, Now What?

When it comes to building a business that is set up from moment one to win, it requires more than just doing what you love, it does have to make money.  This is why I’ve yet to see a truly successful business person be exclusively obsessed with ‘what they do’ and instead in love more with the game itself.

You won’t find anyone who is an elite performer, in terms of their industry skill set of “what they do,” that by itself has made them sustainably successful.

My joke is that I’ve yet to meet one Doctor who said the dentistry they did was “just okay.”  While there are some that will admit to there being doctors better than them for certain procedures, they all feel they are doing at the very least quality work for their patients.  So, if that was enough, then they’d all be wildly successful, have more patient than they could handle, and be printing money every month.

That’s not the case in dentistry, that’s not the case in any industry.  Not real estate, not cars, not clothes, not restaurants, not any other profession.

It takes a business that is engineered for success – the exceedingly high quality of the product or service is a given, a minimum.

Last week, when I gave you those three fundamentals, only the first one was passion and then the ability to communicate and then the design of the business.

I will go a step further and say that if you really want to master your business success then you will commit to making it your obsession to also master three more principles…

Your ability to understand your customer, what they truly want, how they truly feel, and where they are truly at in order to help them.

Next, you will master your ability to market and create a system (an experience) by which you can reliably take a person from inquiry to valuable client, patient, or customer.

And finally, if you believe in your own value, you will successfully orchestrate the math of your business to create the financial structure that works for you.

To be completely blunt about it, no business will do anything more than just barely get by if the leader at the top is not wholly committed to success.  It helps when you love what you do and that is an important part but it’s the game you are playing, the business itself, the chase for excellence, the conquest of challenges that will make the difference.

You can be driven by your passion, but it must drive you to win at business.

I reminded one of my Wealth groups just this past weekend that the number one principle to prosperity that first begins to break down the barriers you’ve put in your life is this…

You having more doesn’t mean others have less.

No, it doesn’t work that way.  It’s not food in a pantry nor water in a jug.

Money, opportunity, success, and prosperity are not finite commodities.  They are multiplied, not divided.  You are a creator of what you make possible and your business is the machine that produces the results.

In fact, it is accurate to say the more you have, the more others will have as a result because you are the catalyst and originator of it all.

How does this all tie in together…

Your business will never grow larger than the owner has engineered it to achieve.  Each time you’ve hit a plateau in your career, it’s been a symptom of you hitting one of these limits… understanding your customer, marketing and selling, or financial structure.

I can tell you the single greatest determinant to a business and what holds an owner back from their own potential is when they stay stuck in the “doing” of the business as their core focus.  They view the product as their primary responsibility.  That doesn’t mean it is of lesser importance but it does mean it cannot be the only thing that demands attention.  It is a fine line between it being your greater leverage point or your greatest limitation.

It’s time to dig deeper into these three areas.  Spend time answering the following questions…

How well do you really know your customers at this exact moment in time?  How could you know them better, understand them more, relate to, influence and otherwise motivate them in a greater way?

Where have you become negligent or complacent in your mastery over your own sales and marketing experiences?  In what ways have you recently refined, improved, enhanced, or even just assessed your engagement with your customers?

Are you in control over the financial structure of your business and how it impacts your lifestyle structure (mental, physical, and emotional demands)?

Within these three areas, you can find your next breakthroughs and discover your greater potential.  They will help identify where you’ve hit constraints.

Now, you can break free of limitations from the past and proceed onward towards your vision of the future.

These are all worthy conversations to have with yourself and the most valuable work you can possible do as CEO, owner, investor, and entrepreneur.  They will lead to new paths of opportunities and a greater flow of abundance.

Remember, what makes the nucleus of the business stronger makes every other component stronger as well.  More on this next week…

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