Winning The Game Of Business With Ideal Customer Attraction

Winning The Game Of Business With Ideal Customer Attraction

June 24th, 2021 // 11:41 am @

Winning The Game Of Business With Ideal Customer Attraction

If you only took one single thing away from our most recent discussions here in this weekly newsletter, I hope it was that most business owners don’t put enough energy, time, effort, and deliberate strategy into the front end of their businesses.  The messaging and the intake process being aimed at and designed for the type of customer they want to attract and serve.

This is what leads to a better business and one that you can control the results of.  It is the difference between playing tug of war with your customers (trying to get their attention and then their money) versus the Dan Kennedy concept of Magnetic Marketing where you are literally attracting people to you and drawing them into your business.  The more you align your business to this concept, the more profitable you will have the potential to become.

The next layer of Mastery where a business owner is best served to focus is to look at what you can do to not just attract your ideal customer but to go as many steps further as you possibly can by customizing your business to match their mindset, psyche, communication, thought process, and everything else.

You want your ideal customer to be saying “this is for me” without question or doubt.

Once again, don’t stop there either, you then want to take responsibility for how you are building a better customer by making them more a valuable buyer for you.

This is done with everything from the phone to in person, from the website to in written materials, from your storefront to the buying experience.

It’s hard to convince someone who doesn’t want to be convinced and that’s the customer that you want to avoid and even repel from being your customer in the first place.

On the other hand, it is quite easy to influence (I don’t call it convince) and – returning back to last week – to motivate a customer who is already searching, looking, inclined to, and wants to find a solution.

Ask yourself whether you are wasting time trying to convince the inconvincible?  And are you doing enough to resonate and call out to your ideal customer?

In fact, the more you are for one, the more you will not be for the other.  The more definitive you can make that and, quite frankly, the more blunt and bold you can exemplify it, the more effective it will be.

This even makes price sensitivity go away.  More on that another time.

I want you to think through everything that happens with your customers before they ever reach the point of a buying decision or reach for their wallet.

Walk through it step by step to assess.  Then compare it back to the first set of questions and then let’s take it to the next level…

How can you speak more directly to your ideal customer more?  What can you do to engage them with more information, social proof, testimonials, and educational material that will make them a better buyer in the end?

There are very few things you can work on in your business that is more important than this.  Which, we can’t dismiss the other side being the retention of these customers.  I will tell you a secret: it’s nearly identical to this same principle and the alignment of what resonated with them and why they choose you in the first place will be what keeps them there and coming back again and again.

There are a few additional enhancements and advanced strategies on the back end that we’ll cover in some future editions all about retention and long term value building.

Here’s the real takeaway… you never stop working on this part of your business…being more for certain customers and not for others.

In fact, in doing this and really committing to it there is something else very extraordinary that happens, while you will weed out and waste less time, energy, and resources on customers that aren’t for you, you will also convert a whole lot more people than you ever would have while playing the middle or attempting to be all things to all people.

People wanting what they are told they can’t have – it works.  Don’t question it – only question how you can do it more, better, faster, and become more effective with your front end development of your business.

Does your website represent and call out to more of the customers you want?

Do your testimonials showcase people that you want your customers to be like?

Does your sales process guide and facilitate better buyers and ideal customers?

Something we’ll get into more next week but I’ll ask it today…

How about your presentation of price and the final value build of what people get – is all of this done by looking through the eyes of your ideal customer and spinning everything to their advantage?

And that is where I will leave you this week because I just gave you one of the most powerful lessons of selling and customer engagement.  If you have done it right every step of the way, you will have made a purchase from you something that your ideal customers will be proud of.

Actually, often purchases are an outward expression of pride in oneself, in one’s beliefs, or in the business’s ideals.  That’s when you know you are fully aligned with what your business stands for and the relationship you have with your ideal customer.

While it is a game, when you’ve matched yourself up perfectly with your ideal customers, everybody wins!

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