Not Just Because “I Said So” But Almost

Not Just Because “I Said So” But Almost

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Not Just Because “I Said So” But Almost

Yes, it is almost that easy.  If you speak it, so it shall be.  When you really think about it, everything in our world is as it is because someone said it should be.

All advertising says, “I’m the best!”  Every company promises their pill, their food, their drink, their car, their vacation, their – insert whatever ‘it’ is – is the one for you.

Just about everything we purchase, at least initially, is because we are taking someone or some company’s word for it – and almost everything is this way.

This luggage lasts the longest, this car is the safest, this mattress is softest, this chef is the best, this laptop is the fastest… most people generally accept these claims.

Are we just that conditioned, are we really that gullible to everything out there?

Actually, this is why it’s to your great advantage in your business because you can go so much further.  It ought to be the easiest thing you possibly do to help your customers give you money.  You get to set the narrative, get to know the customers, tell the story, make it experiential, and go beyond any other business in order to help your customers buy.

Here’s my point, if you do anything more than ‘because I said so’ and you actually give your customers REASONS WHY they should buy and help them through both the emotional and logical understanding of the value and benefits, then you are doing more than just about everyone else.

So, what do Reasons Why look like…

There are the basics reasons why your business, product or service is so better or different.  The actual ‘features and benefits’ of what you offer.

However, don’t stop there.  It’s more important to explain the reasons why those features and benefits impact the customer.  So what if it’s the fastest, why does that matter to the customer.

Then you have more advanced aspects like why someone needs your business now, not later.  Things that make it time sensitive and create real or implied urgency.

Here’s a little game you can play with your team and also check against your marketing, educational material, and sales experience to see how many you are already answering for your customers and where you need to improve…

Why would Mr. or Mrs. Customer feel compelled to buy?

Why would Mr. or Mrs. Customer buy it specifically from you?

Why would Mr. or Mrs. Customer buy it now?

Why would Mr. or Mrs. Customer feel it’s worth the investment?

Why would Mr. or Mrs. Customer regret it if they didn’t buy?

Of course, we also have the factor of the personality and your greatest differentiation of them all is because of who you are.  Ask yourself how you can accentuate what you stand for and who you are to further solidify your philosophy as a reason why.

Learning to connect individually and personally with your customers in how you write and communicate is a real competitive advantage.  However, don’t rely on the customer thinking about this on their own; you have to tell them how you want them to think and how you want them to make a buying decision.

And that’s the power of “reasons why” because it is the natural catalyst to move them forward on their pathway to purchase and connect the decisions they make to get them there.

Here’s a shortcut to help you that we’ve talked about before but can never be overstated… using the word “because” as an instant trigger for a “reason why.”

You deserve this because… reason why.

You should buy now because… reason why.

We are the best choice because… reason why.

It is worth it because… reason why.

With all that said, there is a real fine line here and there is risk in overdoing it and then having it backfire.  In fact, I’m going to give you the mistakes that sabotage customer belief and undermine your sales efforts.  If they surprise you with one more objection or that dreaded “I’ll have to think about it” – then that’s when you know it can only be one of these sales disrupters.  More on this next week.

Until then, make a list of all of your “reasons why” and make sure you are looking at it from the consumers’ perspective.  Think through how they are better off with you, your product, and your experience than without you.

You can also list out your differentiation factors and work towards becoming a category of one.  How will they know?  Because you said so, of course.

Well, almost, that’s the starting point.  If you aren’t going to say it no one else will.  If they can still contemplate not moving forward, then you haven’t done your part… you haven’t given them enough ‘reasons why!’

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