What Your Customers Don’t Know

What Your Customers Don’t Know

February 25th, 2021 // 11:29 am @

What Your Customers Don’t Know

If you’ve really been thinking through your business, messaging, and sales process (among other things), over the past few weeks with our work here then you must be thinking to yourself, “self, I’m worth a lot more than I’m charging.”

I hope so.  If you don’t feel undervalued you’re doing something wrong.  And that’s not just because of under promising and over delivering and it’s most certainly not because you are being cheap and bashful in your pricing strategy and fee structure.

No, instead you should be saying to yourself, “look at all we do, they can’t get this, us – not just our products and services but our passion and values – anywhere else.”

You’re one of a kind.  However, if you don’t see yourself that way, no one else will.

That said, it’s safe to say others do actually do what you do or at least appear to in the minds of your customers – so that’s why you’d better be very blunt about it, not hide it, and layout all the ways you do it differently than anyone else.

If you don’t let people know how you are different (often by experience but also by simply telling them… best when showing and telling them), then you are leaving it up to the customers’ imagination and own perception of things – and that’s never a good way to run your business.

I certainly wouldn’t want my results to be at the mercy of anyone else’s mindset let alone decisions.

This is why I say if you don’t value yourself no one else will.

It’s also why I challenge you to ‘over-do’ your customer education, testimonials, demonstration, engagement, and everything else – because what’s a lot to you will be just enough to them.

And for the other side of this, you have to be willing to tell them straight up the point and purpose around what you do and why.

Do not make it complicated.  Selling isn’t rocket science, building value isn’t brain surgery, and money isn’t that mysterious.

The more common sense, plain and simple you make things, the more your customers will trust you and buy into you as their solution.

The problem is that most customers either don’t realize that the problem they are trying to solve is often the wrong problem; they don’t feel compelled to act now and they default to waiting and thinking about it; or they attach their decision to money.

So, how do you handle this…

You tell your customers how people make decisions.

You tell your customers what brings people in isn’t often why people stay.

You tell your customers what people really ‘buy’ here, why people invest their money with you isn’t always what they think on the surface.

You simply tell your customers the truth that you know that they don’t yet know.  Take them behind the scenes and give them the insider information and show them the future.

This is the crystal ball that we’ve talked about in positioning the value proposition, not in the present but in the future where you get a compounding effect on how they view the value.

More importantly, embrace our philosophy that the most educated customers are the best customers – that means educated BY you, your materials, your people, your experience.

This is what our work here of late has really been all about.

At the end of the day, you must always remember you have to give your customers the reason both emotionally and logically – why they should, why they are worthy, why they will benefit from buying.

Money, time, inconvenience, and staying the same are all worth less than making the exchange with you to swap what you’ve got for what they’ve got and everyone is better off.

Here’s my biggest takeaway I want you to get this week and embrace forever more: you must assume that anything unseen and untold is absolutely unknown – to your customers.  This is why you must be your own biggest self-promoter in your business and for your customers benefit.

So, commit to more showing and telling and never forget the most powerful part of all communication with customers… REASONS WHY.

We’ll talk about these next week to kick off the month of March.

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