In 2021, Here’s How To Score More Points

In 2021, Here’s How To Score More Points

January 8th, 2021 // 11:16 am @

In 2021, Here’s How To Score More Points

I’m sure you’ve taken time to reflect on your business and your life after this past tumultuous year.  I hope that you’ve also taken time to renew your goals for the year ahead and lay out very specific priorities that you want to accomplish in 2021.

Since the ‘first of the year’ is nothing more than a ‘moment in time’ (different only because of the events of the calendar and the rituals we choose to live by), that means you can reflect and renew as frequently as you’d like… daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly for all aspects of your life.  That way, your year and your precious time will not pass by without making sure you are in alignment and congruent with your goals.

Now, the beginning of a new year does give you an opportunity to refocus more intently on the most pivotal functions for your business.

Often business owners tend to get distracted by the busy work and the minutia of the daily grind.  They invest the least amount of time on things that really matter, the higher value items, and the actions that will make the biggest difference.

Like running up and down the football field racking up lots of total yards instead of points; one wears you out, the other wins you games.

You might take that simple sentence and apply it to your business right now – what are the things that lead to scoring points versus just increasing meaningless stats that keep you busy?

When you know this and you choose to clear away all the distractions, clutter, busyness, and noise in order to get it out of your way and then focus on the key activities that matter most, you will find nearly effortless results and breakthroughs.

The reason it often feels like a grind – not that it is not work, of course it is and should be – is because a business owner is usually doing ‘everything else’ before they are doing ‘anything of consequence’ and well, that would tire anyone out, don’t you think.

So, this New Year, you don’t need a resolution to make a behavior change, instead this principle (while it does require incredible discipline), will easily set you up for success.

If you know unequivocally what are the most important and highest valued responsibilities of yourself as owner, then you don’t stop there you actually set yourself up for success by having your work environment optimized for this very function.  Everyone around you must understand that their number one priority and responsibility is to ensure you, first, are at the highest and best use of your time, skills, ability, value and then, second, they repeat and apply the same principle to themselves.

This is your ultimate responsibility as a business owner.  If you mess this up, if you don’t lead by example, if you are in your own way, if you lose sight of the things that really matter, if you fail to find these leverage points – it’s your fault – and it’s going to be a very long and tiring year without a lot to show for it.

On the other hand, if you just embrace the game of business, suit up, tighten shoes, roll up your sleeves, and go make it happen – there’s going to be a lot to celebrate.  It will hardly feel like work at all, and no matter how hard it was or what it takes you’ll know this one thing…

It will be worth it.

In 2021, no different than 2020 or any year before that, your business will never outperform the belief, commitment, determination, and goals of the owner.  The way to bring that to life is very simple: reflect, renew, refocus, and then get out there and score points like never before.  Remember that no one has more impact or ability to make that happen, to win games, to bring it home than you do.

So align everything in your life to make that reality possible, to set your playing field up the way you want it and thereby setting yourself up for the success you deserve.  If you do what’s necessary – you will win.

What can you assess right now from our time together here that you know you need to place more focus, time, and effort on?
What should you be doing less of and focusing less on?

How can you set yourself up to be at the highest value of your time and execution every single day?

I’d start there and begin with the end in mind and work backwards from your 2021 goals down to your daily actions in your business.

Here’s to a great year running up the score, enjoying the game, and earning victories one day at a time!

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