Important Paradigm Shifts That Lead To Business Breakthroughs

Important Paradigm Shifts That Lead To Business Breakthroughs

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Important Paradigm Shifts That Lead To Business Breakthroughs

If you haven’t read the book I referenced last week, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, or at least not in a long time, I don’t want to spoil it for you but I’ve never forgotten a very vivid passage that Stephen Covey talks about.

In short, he gives this scenario that I might not get perfectly worded where he is on the subway and these kids are playing, being loud, and interrupting.  He is frustrated by this situation and he looks over to see a dad on the bench sitting there negligently watching over his kids.  He says something to the guy, albeit polite I’m sure, to the point of why don’t you get them under control and the man responds that he’s very sorry he didn’t even notice.  He had just left the hospital and the children’s mom, his wife, had just passed away.  He knew the kids just didn’t understand what had happened yet and he is just beside himself.

Of course, this changed Stephen’s paradigm instantly.  Instead of being frustrated and upset at the person’s lack of parenting, he was compassionate and sympathetic to his situation and wanted to comfort the man and his kids.

A big change in mindset.  This is something that speaks so much to me.  In many ways, it is one of the things that has influenced me to never try to read people’s minds, to never make assumptions, and absolutely to pass zero judgment over people because you never actually have a clue as to what they’ve lived through, what they are thinking about, and what they’ve dealt with in their lives.

This is also brought to life in my number one recommended book of all time The Four Agreements.  It does this but more importantly inside of yourself as though you are applying the lessons and message towards you not just to others.

Covey took a play on one of Einstein’s famous quotes that summarizes the situation I’ve described and what it means to change your paradigm by saying this:

“The way you see the problem is the problem.”

The expression that “perception is reality,” I believe may be one of the most humanizing statements every made… how you perceive, so shall you live.  And in business, this is absolutely linked to your ability to succeed.

There are many paradigm shifts that you can make that will elevate your potential.  Here are a few of the more important ones, in no particular order.

You can make whatever you want happen.  A business, your business, can be designed to facilitate the life that you want.  You do not have to be enslaved by it.

Those that take control over creating it (and I mean that word very literally), are the only ones who will ever achieve it.  It will never happen by accident.

Others remain stuck always looking for greener pastures.  The big problem is they never realize it’s their own fault not their business that they chose but the beliefs, actions, perceptions they hold.

You can always find someone else with the exact same ‘type’ of business or in the exact same ‘area’ with thriving with no limits to their success.  All because it first begins with the expectation.

This leads us to the next big paradigm in that the money is the easy part.  As long as the math of the business adds up, you can win.  You can find a way to have any number you’d like at the right side of an equals sign, you just have to figure out the equation to make it happen.  All results are orchestrated and engineered, it just depends if you do it on purpose or not.

This is a big paradigm shift that many business owners never make.  They stay trapped in a job like self-employment position inside of their own business never breaking through to the next level of income.

Part of this of course is their belief about what they are worth and the money they deserve but that’s an entirely different paradigm shift that’s worth a lifetime of study and work.

We’ll get into some specific details next week on tactics and strategies.

I’ll leave you today with the big one…

It is easy to look out there and see everything and everyone that is ‘better’ than you are.  A bigger business, more profitable, more interesting, more fun, more automated, more anything.

Human nature is to envy others because we don’t want to feel fulfilled ourselves, we lack value in our own self-worth and we always wonder what else is out there.

My challenge for you is to split those two things up – and throw the first away.  Hold onto the other within your own world and business that you have created.

First of all, you must have this paradigm: there is no greener grass, no one has it better (at least not with more sacrifice), and nothing is stacked against you.

This is why you must be focused on your own vision for your life, your own model for your business, your own definition for success, and your own plan for your future.  Those that find the greatest success have the greatest focus.

Learn from others, apply what you can, continue to grow, stay curious, and push the limits – but always grounded with your compass firmly in hand pointed the direction you want to go.

The biggest reason why more business owners don’t have life changing success and reach the pinnacle of true liberation and ultimate satisfaction is because they are always busy trying to be something they aren’t or finding an easier path or distracted by what isn’t instead of focused on what is.

Here’s a paradigm for you… no one is more capable than you, you can make anything happen if you just decide to do it.  Choose the right question and you’ll always have the right answer.

Yes, perception is everything, so choose yours wisely.  Trust not what your eyes will see but what you know to be true inside of you, it will never lead you astray.

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