Giving & Gifting Your Way To Success-Part 1

Giving & Gifting Your Way To Success-Part 1

December 10th, 2020 // 1:05 pm @

Giving & Gifting Your Way To Success-Part 1

In the spirit of giving and gifting, I want to remind you about a very important principle in your customer experiences that is incredibly simple and yet powerfully profound.  It makes all the difference when it comes to customer sales conversion as well as and especially overall customer value.

It goes right along with the theme of ‘giving and gifting’ (which by the way is a strategy though that is not really supposed to be the point and purpose or reason for doing it).  Still, the psychology behind what some call appreciation marketing is very much proven and effective.

How about I bring it to life first with a great example…

Every year when new Doctors join my Wealth Groups they go through an indoctrination process about prosperity, abundance, and wealth attraction.

These are people are seriously interested not just in Dentistry but their overall ‘wealth’ beyond just money but in time, health, balance, peace of mind, and every other thing you can think of.  Of course, we are working to build their financial independence so they have something to show for their sacrifices and their high incomes matching their equally high work ethic.

So, the first point of the Wealth Group and the premise for it is all about an abundance mentality and belief in prosperity.  It begins by reworking their relationship with money to be one that is healthy and understanding the only real limited resource is time – not money.  More on all this another time.

The activity they first do – which I’m not going to tell you specifically because it is a secret – is essentially to give away money without judgment or really any feelings other than gratitude for both their ability to do so and the recipient who gets it.

Very often when someone first does this activity they start questioning does this person deserve it as they try to logically think through it all.  They quickly learn to just let it flow because the point is not about what the person did or didn’t do but the act of giving.  After they go through this a few times it becomes something very special and creates an amazing energy and really a way of life.

Here’s a little switch that I do to take it to the next level.  When the occasion calls for it – I give the ‘tip’ or the ‘reward’ or the appreciation to the recipient before they’ve even done the service or whatever they are doing to ‘earn’ it.  Up front at a valet or to get my luggage faster at a hotel or to have VIP treatment at a restaurant or expedited service.

Here’s the lesson (and it’s not just this season): give BEFORE you receive, gift BEFORE you get.  Not because you will get something in return instead because it’s creates an energy, it sets the right expectation, and sure hedges your bets for the outcome you’d be hoping for anyway.

Instead of leaving it at ‘hoping’ you just happen to be doing something to help create it!  When you add statements of clarity on what you’d ‘really appreciate’ seeing happen or having them do – you’d be amazed at the magic it creates.

Okay, so that’s a very long set-up to my challenge to you today and that is to apply this same wealth attraction, prosperity, giving and gifting, appreciation strategy to your customer experience.  And do it in every way possible at every opportunity possible.

Give before you receive.

Gift before you get.

And help your customer take the best action possible and make a great decision by guiding them accordingly by rewarding them first.

Of course, you aren’t giving them ‘tips’ or ‘cash’ rather you are giving them valuable information, first class experience, powerful resources, and just in general taking them through a process that brings this to life in a very real way to facilitate the result you want.

I’m going to go in depth on this next week and show you how to put this power to work in your customer, patient, or client experience in a big way.

What I find all too often is that businesses are stingy, they hold back, they don’t give what they should in advance of getting what they want from their customers and this goes far beyond actual ‘gifts’ … they don’t help their customers make great decisions about what to do or they save ‘the good stuff’ for after they buy when in fact if they had only given ‘the good stuff’ in advance they would be far more apt to buy faster and more and tell people about it.

Of course, you want some surprises along the way for your customers and forever more you want to embrace the power of appreciation – as both energy and strategy, reason and purpose.  You’d have a lot more and superior customers in the first place if you gave away and gifted them everything they needed to know, do, be, experience in the first place before you expect them to make that ultimate buying decision.

We’ll dive into some practical application and some things you can do next week.

In the meantime, I’ve just given you a gift myself without asking for anything in return (other than challenging you to step up on what you do to create the customers you want).  The real gift I hope you get is a reminder about prosperity and abundance by working your gratitude and appreciation muscles extra hard this year for everything and everyone…and that includes yourself for all you do and make possible for so many.

Tis always the season to Give and Gift!

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