Answer This Question First, Before Any Others

Answer This Question First, Before Any Others

December 4th, 2020 // 11:17 am @

Answer This Question First, Before Any Others

Every time I help any of our clients, I always come back to one question and it’s such an obvious one but it’s so often never fully addressed and put into focus when making decisions, taking actions, and choosing how to evolve your business…


Of course, there’s a famous book all about that.  Probably many others as well.  Think about that for a minute… an entire book dedicated to three letters and a question mark.

That’s because the answer isn’t always as simple as the question.

For further reading, try ‘Begin With the End in Mind’ or ‘The Road Less Travelled’ which are two of my favorites.  They are thought-provoking and revelation-inspiring for those willing to take the journey to discovering more about yourself.

Ultimately, the idea is not what are you in pursuit of but why are you chasing it – what is your purpose?  It doesn’t have to be so difficult nor does it need to be some incredibly philosophical answer either.

You answer and reason should just be an honest answer for you – and that’s that – it is what it is and no one gets to judge you for it, period.

I say all of this because so many business owners really get distracted by things that clutter up their “why” and deviate from their path (usually without them even knowing it).

Have you ever stopped to reflect in the middle of a project (or year or career) and found yourself way off course?  Asking yourself, “How did we end up here?”  That’s because we all lose sight of the original purpose – the why.  Too often we become consumed with servicing the vehicle instead of driving the car to the destination, which was the point after all.

It is okay to ‘do you’ for whatever reason you decide and choose.  No one else, unless you give them permission to, gets a vote.

I’m bringing this up right now because it is the ‘giving season’ (though every season should be), as this is when most people are thinking about being more generous to others.

My Wealth Group lives by this philosophy and puts it into action in many more ways than just money.  The most important of which is actually not ever monetary giving – more on that in the coming weeks.

Today, I want you to take just a moment and give yourself a break from thinking about everything you can or should or want to give to others and I want you to ask for something from – not a person – but YOUR BUSINESS.

That’s right.  If your Business was Santa Claus what would you be asking from it right now?

What ‘gift’ is your business supposed to be giving to you?  And not just in December, in the holiday season, but all year long.

If you need help go back to that question…

Why – are you on this pursuit?

What is your “end” you “begin” with when it comes to your business game plan, your future goals, and strategy?

What’s your ‘road less travelled’ that you choose that you give yourself permission to go down without any doubts or looking back questioning yourself?

Every year I write about being your own Santa Claus but today, this year, I’m asking you the question you should begin and end every year with as you evaluate your business’s accountability to your ultimate purpose and core objective as to why you work the way you work and sacrifice as only the owner entrepreneur knows how.

To make it worth it, it absolutely and unequivocally is always and only up to you.  It is your greatest responsibility to yourself and that’s why revisiting, redefining, and refocusing on your why in order to make sure your business is gifting to you everything you want from it.  No one else and nothing else is as capable of – or should be – delivering to you exactly what you want in your life than this, your greatest asset and your life’s work!

It’s one of those things that most people won’t ever admit but the facts are you do only get in life what you ask AND work for.  In your case, by way of building and creating a business that will be the Santa Claus to your wish list.  In order to bring the magic to life, you just need to first answer WHY.

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