How To Actually Honor Our Veterans

How To Actually Honor Our Veterans

November 11th, 2020 // 1:23 pm @

How To Actually Honor Our Veterans

The 4th of July signifies and celebrates our Independence, today on Veteran’s Day we honor all those who have and will always keep it going and allow our Freedom to carry on.

Imagine making the decision to dedicate your life, no matter for a moment or for years or its entirety, to something greater than yourself, to give it willingly and passionately to your Country.  To each and every one of us.

Is there anything more powerful than that?

The sacrifice is not felt by the Soldier alone but their entire family.  And it is not just the amount of time they give to service but the lasting impact on the rest of their lives.

Yet, there is one thing you’ll never hear any Veteran speak of and that is ‘regret’ – in fact, they would do it again.  What an incredible expression of gratitude and pride that is deserved, much beyond words can do justice.

Here’s the thing, the battle they fight, the war they wage, isn’t only on the battle field to defend America.  It’s been for our nation and for others, it’s been in conflict and in peace, it’s to recover from a disaster and to prevent one.

Through it all, our Veteran’s preserve and protect our freedom and our way of life.  It’s not only their actions but their principles – it’s their existence and their spirit that is stronger than any actual combat weapon.

I could go on.  These days you just never know what duty might be demanded from our great men and women to safeguard the soul of America; to kill terrorists abroad, to stop riots at home, all to save not just salvage our Independence every single day.

There is incredible meaning in the world “soldier” it says to carryon doggedly, to persevere.  And isn’t that just it – no matter what the challenge, they have and will always rise to the occasion because of the decision, the commitment, the sacrifice only they have made.

My grandfather used to tell us many sayings he learned during his active time as a Marine… of course he is, proudly, still one – once a Marine always a Marine.

“In the Marine Corp,” he would say, “the difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer…”

I just want to say, though words are never enough, THANK YOU to our great Veterans who make our Country possible.  I know we have so many Veterans directly and as part of families who are reading this today and whom I have the greatest privilege of all to be in your life and to have you in mine.

Here’s what I can tell you, what I know from the Veteran’s close in my life and how they feel… they appreciate the ‘thanks’ but most of all – you, I, we, us – honor them by doing three things…

1. Never take America, our Freedom, our Country, our Flag, not one single part of it, for granted – ever.

2. Stand up for it when necessary by standing up with them.  Being a casual observer of those who give their lives for you to keep yours isn’t enough – support them, celebrate them, but most of all stand with up for and with them.

3. Make the most of your Independence and keep America alive with the Constitutional Liberties it was founded upon and what our great Veterans have fought for.

While we owe more than a debt of gratitude, it’s these actions that, at the very least, begin to do their sacrifices justice.

God Bless our Veterans and thank goodness for those who have fought, are still fighting, and are ready to fight to keep it, sustain it, protect it, and ensure America – and everything it represents – lives on forever!

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