Your Voice Is Bigger Than Your Vote

Your Voice Is Bigger Than Your Vote

October 22nd, 2020 // 10:43 am @

Your Voice Is Bigger Than Your Vote

They say “your vote is your voice” and I say that’s an awfully quiet voice.  While the civil responsibility of voting is critical and it seemingly impacts us more and more with each passing election (the shifts in policy and ideals are far more dramatic than they have ever been).  None the less, you only “voice” with your vote one day in an election every few years but you “vote” with your voice every single day of your life with how you live.

Last week, I talked about taking care of home base and preserving your assets in your life.  Today, I tell you that the greatest way you can impact people and be the force for good that you are is to use your voice daily.

And I’m not talking about rooting for or promoting a presidential candidate or party (though I am not bashful for which principles I stand for).

I think you should be proud of your own choices whichever they may be and if you aren’t well then you’ve got bigger problems; questioning yourself is never a good sign.

However, I am talking about YOUR voice that you have and can use through your business, your influence, and your relationships to be a source of positivity and uplifting spirit for everything you believe in.

This is what we need more of, not just hope but action. Showcasing what it means to take responsibility and be in control of your life.

What’s far more important than any election is how you live day in and day out and the people that you make an impact on through what you do.

Whether you have passion for certain charities or you volunteer in your community or you give back by supporting your church or your team members participate around your town or mission trips abroad – whatever it is, be the source that gives abundantly.

In my Wealth Groups we work on this in every way… being purposeful with giving time, praise, and appreciation.  Money is the easy thing to give, as you have a limitless supply of it.  It’s about making a difference with all of your assets and resources including building a bigger, better, and more profitable business which truly is the greatest way to help the most people of all.

You influence your customers when they interact and buy from you – yes buy from you – because your business is not just about transactions and money it’s about people.

More important than the election itself, than the headlines, than the prevailing trends of the time – are the individual people that make it up.  I believe in ‘we the people’ and there is nothing less American than politicians who fight for a ‘ruling class’ as if they have risen up above the rest of us.  We are their power and that’s why we have to be so careful who we give it to.

But your power isn’t just with a vote, it’s with your life, your business, your ideas, your actions that leave behind impressions on people.  You voice is important at the ballot box but it’s even louder outside of it because you are the voice we need more of, because you are a rising tide that lifts up others in your life, and because you are the inspiration that gives others strength.

You may not feel inside what I’m saying.  Perhaps you think your business isn’t that important or others don’t care about your beliefs – that is only true if you let it be.  You are a born leader and a chosen business owner.

You don’t have to run town halls or stand up on a stage; it’s not about the publicity.  It’s about the individual conversations, the team meetings, the messaging in your marketing, and the interactions your customers.

It is real simple, the void gets filled one way or another.  Why not let it be filled with your positive energy, your personal motivation, and your business that exemplifies pure objectives of service and relationship.  This is what is right with the world – I’d rather be multiplying that – than the opposite.

We drown out the negativity and vitriol not by yelling louder, but by being more mindful, more purposeful, more encouraging, more determined, more resolute, and more influential.

For our Doctors and their Teams, we live by a motto, “If every patient matters then you must commit to making every single individual visit count.”  There is no visit nor patient more important than another – every one matters – and we give them the best of what we’ve got every chance we get.

You say, of course. And I say, but do you?

How about when you go out to eat, when you had a bad day, when you go home to your spouse, or when the drycleaner ruined your shirt?  Do you treat every interaction as if it’s the most important?

Here’s the deal: your voice matters, so use it; your voice can inspire someone, so do it.  You don’t know whose life you’ll change today so you give everyone the best of what you’ve got every chance you get – and that’s more important than any election will ever be.

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