More Important Than The Election – Part 2

More Important Than The Election – Part 2

October 15th, 2020 // 11:29 am @

More Important Than The Election – Part 2

As I said last week, it’s hard to imagine anything more important than the Election.  The fact is that countless men and women have died to keep our democracy free and we owe it to them to take our American traditions and institutions seriously.

Still, there are things more important to you and your business.  The reason why is very simple it’s because regardless of the outcome of any election you are still responsible for your life and business.

That means you have to be prepared by building your business on solid and profitable ground, ready for even the unforeseen challenges.

Today, I want to emphasize one piece of advice that you have heard so many times and it is usually relates specifically to money and wealth.

It has to do with reaching financial independence and what smart investors do and it’s called, “Don’t lose money.”  It is far more important than the money you make that you don’t lose it once you do.

You must be protective over your wealth in your life because you don’t know what the future holds and you don’t know what elected officials have in store.  You do know one thing: you can’t go back in time to re-make money or make-up for lost years or lost wealth.  As business owners you have but one option and that’s you have to make it all over again.

So, more important than anything else in your life is to be mindful and responsible with your wealth, your investments, your time, your business, and your customers.

In fact, I would add to “don’t lose money” and say don’t lose customers, don’t lose time, and don’t lose opportunities.

Everything matters because you don’t know what the next four years bring.  Think about this past year, how predictable was it?  So even when everything is going well, it can turnaround quickly.  Even when economies are booming and global stability is expanding, it can still turn upside down.

The point is no matter how things affect everyone else, you are responsible for how they will impact you, your business, and what you care about most.  That’s why the significance is, more than any election, your ability to be protective over with your own assets.

How deliberately do you work on ‘not losing’ customers?

How deliberately do you work on reinforcing your business’s ability to grow and maintain profitability?

How deliberately do you work on preserving wealth and guarding your finances?

Now, don’t misunderstand, our desire to not lose money, time, opportunity, and customers, doesn’t mean that you don’t take risks or hedge your bets – as a matter of fact, it is quite the opposite.

Here’s the lesson… you can only invest the money you have, you can only engage and serve (and profit from) the customer you’ve got, you can only take advantage of and use opportunities you have made possible.

So, very much like our Country, you protect what made it possible in order for it to carry on which allows you to take calculated risks for growth.  You are able to evolve because you have a strong foundation in place.

As I wrap up this week, remember what’s more important than any election in your life is your own responsibility to make the most of any outcome, any situation, or any circumstances whether planned or unpredicted, whether as you wanted or against your wishes.

Last week, we talked about the significance of your principles and the foundation of your life.  This week we’re talking about the assets that you’ve amassed by relying on that foundation and set of principles.  So, you better take care of them, no matter what happens, that’s your greatest responsibility and far more important than the election itself.

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