More Important Than The Election – Part 1

More Important Than The Election – Part 1

October 8th, 2020 // 10:17 am @

More Important Than The Election – Part 1

What could possibly be more important than the election?  Well, for this year, that’s a tough one because I don’t know anyone who can remember a time when it felt like we were more on the brink.

Given I’m writing to business owners (though I’m not concerned with offending anyone), I know where you stand.  The challenge is that not everyone grasps the severity of what’s at stake.  Governments and economic systems don’t just define the way money moves, determines what receives priority (and funding), and what you get for free compared to what you have to work for – it actually shapes your own freedom.

With any type of government, it isn’t just an argument about ‘free markets’ it’s quite literally about ‘free will.’  People become jaded, and sometime rightfully so, but in the midst of their frustrated search for cheaper and easier ways of life, it inevitably leads to the exact the opposite – suppressed and controlled.  That’s the only outcome one can expect when you ask too much on your elected officials.  After all, they only have so many tools in the tool box.

What’s more important than the election is about how you choose to live, how you decide your own principles, and what you personally stand for.  Yes, one vote – your vote – does and can make a difference.  Still, it’s not the vote that the determines the outcome of the government; it’s what the people do or don’t allow, will or won’t tolerate, freedoms demanded or liberties denied.

Your way of life matters more than any election.  While there will be dramatic changes in the country (certainly it seems with every decade the stakes get higher and the values get stretched), but at the end of the day inside of your little bubble it can be more difficult, it can be more challenging, but no one can take away your right to choose how you want to live, raise your family, build your business, and practice your faith.

At least not yet, not with us.

Think about this… from city to city, from state to state, from coast to coast there are many differences hitting every possible political view.  I’ll leave it to you to judge what’s right and wrong, what’s too little and too much.  However, there is no doubt your opinions and views are NOT that of every region in this country.

So, your primary concerns, as it should be, are your home, your business, where you live, what you do, and what you can control.  It is about protecting the integrity and the foundation of what you’ve built, not trying to get an entire nation to follow suit.

That’s why I say what’s more important than an election or the outcome of an election is how you protect home base and what you do to strengthen your position in your life.  This is true for everything from deep convictions, to a circle of close friends, to a profitable business and financial security, to taking care of your health and your family, to positively influencing your community to make a better world around you.  These things, these people, these principles matter.

Here’s the deal, you vote to have a voice in democracy, but don’t stop there, your real voice is your vision, your actions, your beliefs, and your effort to serve others as a result of your success.

At the end of the day, you stand up for what you believe in by your attitude, your mindset, your proliferation of prosperity, and by how you choose to live – not just a vote – and that my friend will always be more important than any single election.  Of course, this might be the most important election in our Nation’s history, but they all are and all should be important.

The key is to buffer the impact, insulate your bubble, and minimize the effect of the outcomes on your life, either way the ballots fall.  You’ve worked too hard to let your next four years (or forty years) be dictated by forces outside your control.

Next week, we’ll call it like we see it when it comes to the single greatest voting mistake people make.  I don’t think you’ll be surprised at all what I’m going to say.  The magic though will be in the business lesson and how it can dramatically help you with your customers, clients, and patients by winning their votes of money, trust, and confidence.

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