The Difference Between You and Your Customer

The Difference Between You and Your Customer

September 3rd, 2020 // 11:18 am @

The Difference Between You and Your Customer

Let’s get right down to business today.  We have taken a deep dive into the real numbers of your business to help you regain control over the things that will actually make a difference and drive the results that you want.

It is very true, in all aspects of life, that people want the result but they often don’t want what it takes to get the result.

In fact, the easiest way to say it to my Doctors, as I always emphasize, is that no patient actually wants to “get dentistry done.”  They would much prefer to have a magic wand waived in front of their face and then – presto – all the work is done.

By the way, they would pay a lot more to “avoid” the dentistry but still have the outcome than they would to “do” dentistry.  It’s no different than anything else.

To review the principles we talked about last week: getting your customers involved and getting them further invested to dramatically increase your success, value of your customer, accelerate their progress, and speed up their decisions.

The question and the work you should have done as a result of last week was asking yourself in what ways you can get your customers more involved and invested by using more interactively and engagement to increase your probability of the sales.

You also should look at what you do that does the opposite in order to eliminate any competing forces.  Case in point is when my Doctors or their team emphasize too much of the dentistry (the “how to” clinical aspect), instead of really driving home the vision of the result and the benefits of the outcome.

The principle is what they pay you to do – is not what they are paying for.  Got it?

However, where I was going with this week’s message is to shift it from your customer to you and to give you a stern reminder that you do in fact have to do the work for the results that you want.

Some people skim this very article, some read it, some study it, and some (yes admittedly the fewest number but also some of the most successful) even print it off, take notes, think deeply, and then come up with one or two or three things that they can do with it.  They turn it into action and therefore money.

Most, however, will just think about it.  Because they want the result but they don’t want to do what’s required to get the result.

And here’s the thing about business – it is a battle.  There is no active means of making money, building wealth, getting rich that doesn’t require going all in and continuing to ‘do the work.’

You can make money and invest it in other things that work for you, you can invest in people, systems, technology, and so on and so forth, but at the end of the day you have to do more than just show up.

In order to do that (to buy stocks, real estate, businesses, any incoming producing assets), you have to have made – earned & created – the money first.

This is why I never forgot the great Zig Ziglar’s line, “You do not pay the price for success, you enjoy it.”

And when you find that joy in it, it is almost like that magic wand that your customer wants so badly.

When I meet new couples for the first time, they come to visit me for their Blueprint Days for their lives not just their practice; for their wealth not just their income; for their far-reaching aspirational dreams not just what they currently believe.

Inevitably, the question comes up in a new relationship, “What do you do for fun, or when you aren’t doing this?”

And it’s a funny thing and seems almost self aggrandizing but it’s fact and truth – I always say, “Well, I’m doing this.”

Of course, there’s time with family and reading books and exercising and traveling and I’m quite the foodie, but at the end of the day I long ago not only decided to accept but savor the fact that all of that stuff is possible because of all of this stuff.

The work.

And if I wanted to do anything some-one-thing differently than I am right now – I would.

I enjoy what I do.  I don’t particularly love waking up, sitting down, and writing this (or any of my nearly daily articles and letters).  There are alternatives that I can think of that might be more fun – but fun, like happiness, in my life philosophy is a choice, a decision, a state of being.

No different than I do with my Doctors when we begin by asking them… “What do you really want?”  “What is your grandest ambition and desired outcome?”

Then how do you want your life to be set-up and then what do you both want to do or not do.

Then we take all of that and reverse engineer the business backwards in order to structure it with all of those parameters in place.

Then you decide to commit.  You not only embrace and accept but savor and passionately throw yourself into your work.

And you enjoy it.  You enjoy the journey which is why you’re still forging on in your quest.

Because unlike your customers, you can’t pay to get where you’re going… that’s why so few ever do.  As the great book and saying implies – there is a reason why the Road Less Traveled is the one leading to the real riches because there is no short cut to any place worth going.

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