The Celebration Should Never End

The Celebration Should Never End

July 8th, 2020 // 1:49 pm @

The Celebration Should Never End

Preserving your independence is about taking responsibility for it.  It’s unfortunate that it gets just this one day each year to put everything in perspective.

You celebrate your birthday once a year but never stop improving your life, reflecting on where you are, and being grateful for all you have.

The same should go for your independence and freedoms.  Don’t just celebrate them once a year… live them out proudly, boldly, and decisively every single day.

How do you do that, you ask.  Well, I believe the greatest way to honor your independence is to “own” it and determine its value to you.

That is what I meant by use it or lose it.  Just like the rest of this year, you will make the most of it or it you won’t.  It will be gone either way.

You are in fact ‘free’ to do whatever you want with your time; any obligations you have were your choice to accept.

In your life and business, it is important to assess what you might be allowing to limit certain freedoms today and what opportunities you would like to further pursue to expand new freedoms.

For example:

Many business owners feel limited by price or hours or preconceived ideas related to what their customer will or won’t do.

Therefore, they live under self limiting beliefs that restrict their potential.

Your business can be whatever you want it to be as soon as you realize that, with very little exception, any limitations are tolerated instead of mandated.

Pretty much every single business breakthrough I have ever had personally as well as every one that I have ever championed for my Doctors and clients has always been about taking more responsibility for outcomes by exerting more control over what once were self-limiting factors…

Freeing the business owner and the business to become worth more to itself by finding ways to liberate the flow of money, increase the return on time, expand the value of assets, and elevate the potential of the people in the business (both employees and customers).

It is a very real sense of freedom, liberty, and independence within the business (beginning always with the mindset of the owner), to take more responsibility for what they can control and make possible.

This in and of itself the greatest power anyone can possess…


I believe that is the way to fully celebrate, cherish, enjoy, and do justice by the liberties and independence that you have not just on the 4th of July but everyday throughout the year.

So, what can you take more responsibility over?

What beliefs about your business are limiting your freedoms?

In what other ways can you expand and exert more control?

How are you holding back the pursuit of more prosperity and independence?

These are not superficial questions.  They require thought, reflection, ambition, and discipline.

By the way, your ability to honor your independence reaches far beyond your business.  Start thinking about taking more responsibility for…

Your Time

Your Health
Your Feelings

Your Routine

Your Thoughts

Your Actions

Your Goals

Your Results

Your Money

Your Attitude

Your Relationships

Your Surroundings


Next week, we’ll be going in an exciting new direction.

Until then celebrate independence by owning your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

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