Tapping Into The Minds Of Your “Voters”

Tapping Into The Minds Of Your “Voters”

July 24th, 2020 // 10:21 am @

Tapping Into The Minds Of Your “Voters”

Today, we carry on our conversation about winning over your “voters” by returning to some very basic principles of psychology that will rally your supporters.  You will see each of these play out in elections this years.

Remember, customers are not just buying the “what” but they are buying the “who” … the who they become, the who you represent, and the who else belongs.  The most thought-provoking, emotion-stirring, and confidence-building campaigns will make the toughest sales easier and toughest competition irrelevant.

Let’s talk through some of the big principles you must think through to elevate your message…

One of the great motivators is a defining a common enemy (as much as you may or may not like that).  Everyone’s got them.  Strong beliefs about someone or something that is standing in your way.  The easiest: government and taxes, of course.

But there are many enemies of “your people” and if tap into that battle you will align loyalty in ways that are far greater than anything else.  This also can be simply the enemy of “not buying” and going without.  An example would be an outdoor supplier attacking a couch-and-tv lifestyle; to the right person they buy just to be (or simply feel) less slothful, less dull, and less left out.

The flip side of this is obvious, you want to be the Champion of “insert the most compelling victory your people want to have.”  Think about your customer and what they are really buying.  Think hard about this; it’s not what they are actually paying for (your product or service or experience).  You can reach deep into the emotion and the benefit of what they receive.  An electric car owner is buying to be “green” (and all it represents), not just a four-wheel transport.

These two points can be summarized as what your voters are “for” and what they are “against.”  When you nail this, you nail everything.

My Doctors are against insurance and being told what they are worth, they are against anyone or anything telling them how to practice and care for their patients.

They are for independence and autonomy, for their patients’ health, for the integrity of their relationships, for establishing a proud legacy, for a victory for their teams, and for business success without sacrificing of their life and family.  I could go on and broaden it outside of dentistry but you get the idea.

Here’s another thing to think about when you are focusing on the message, the feelings, the emotions of your campaign with your customers…

It’s about belonging to something bigger than yourself.  In their minds it is about the convention of what is right, what is important, and what is a priority.

Ultimately, it is about belonging to a “movement” not just a business.  The Disney culture of people who are real fans, they don’t “buy” Disney they belong to Disney – they are Disney.

The same goes for UFC, Jeep SUVs, BBQ Grills, a Dental Practice.  You can create this culture of belonging by making it about more than the business or money or what they get for it.

Instead it is about the fact that, “You belong here with us.”

And finally, for this week, I will leave you with another voter motivator that can’t be overlooked: enthusiasm.  As one of my great friends says, if there is an option left in their mind to do “nothing” then you haven’t won them over.

You will lose more votes not to the others but to them not being motivated enough to take action for you.  Never forget that.  It’s easy to get people interested in something; it is a far more difficult challenge to get them motivated enough to get out the vote with their money.

When you embrace these core psychological principles you will find your connection with, understanding of, and ability to motivate your voters increases.  This will create the momentum you need to execute a winning campaign and build your business on a more solid foundation than ever before.

I hope you enjoy these and they get you thinking because this is the fun stuff, this is what is exciting about being a leader and business owner.  When you tap into your truest and deepest influential power, you bring your customers something that is more important than the money and, by the way, far more valuable.  This is about building your base so that we can begin to expand your reach and grow your business.

The more your message is dialed in on the “voters,” the more success (and the more fun) you’ll have.

Next week, we’ll talk specifically about strategies to embrace these principles.  In the meantime, assess just how well you know and are resonating with your voting customers.

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