Get The Votes, Win Your Campaign

Get The Votes, Win Your Campaign

July 17th, 2020 // 11:27 am @

Get The Votes, Win Your Campaign

In this very moment, experiencing the crazy and chaos of an election year – the price always worth paying for actual democracy – you still have a full out sprint through the end of the year where you have three choices.  They are the same choices that you always have…

You can sit around being a victim to the never-ending, daily-changing, constant crisis (both real and perceived that are exacerbated by the onslaught of media coverage), and simply cling onto your life raft until January.


You can play it safe and coast your way through the next handful of months doing all you can to not loss ground wherever you are at.


You can be proactive and assertive with every opportunity.  You can buy into the fact that whenever things are turbulent, customer acquisition is also ripe.  While others sit on the sidelines, you can respond by taking action.  Use this momentum to make change, to push improvement, to drive progress, to pursue goals, and use this period – much like the politicians do – to win over people and bring their agenda to life.

Of course, not you nor I want to have anything in common with a politician for various reasons, not the least of which is having the pressure of a single day decide everything about your future (and America’s future).

Talk about pressure.

Talk about a culminating event.

Talk about a sprint to the finish with a winner-take-all outcome.

The good news is: you don’t have a day where at the end of the night your fate will be decided by others.

You are in control over your own outcomes.

While that is a powerful place to be in, it can also represent a complacent one because you do not HAVE TO do anything.

This is where the expression “without a deadline nothing gets done” comes into the fold.  If there is a never-ending benchmark to judge your success and performance then who cares when it happens.  You will always get another chance.

I’m here to tell you: you can’t reach your potential with a mindset like that.  You miss out on the greatest fulfillment and joy (not to mention profits and leverage), if you do not FORCE YOUR PROGRESS.

We won’t sit here together and compare the “business of politics” with the “business of what you do” but I will say…

Why not use the rest of this year like your very own campaign.

Why not RALLY your base like never before?

Why not have every one of your supporters go get another one?

Why not double down on your positions, stand stronger for what you believe in, promote wider what your business represents, yell louder everything you can do for your customers, and go bolder for your “voters.”

You see, you do have voters.  They just happen to vote with their money, time, attention, patronage, loyalty, and referrals.

Your campaign must be masterfully organized, planned, and timed.  You’ll need to divide and conquer in order to hit all the different fronts and go where the voters are with your marketing message.

Here’s the thing with a campaign, you have to want to win as much as your supporters want you to win.  You have to lead with the enthusiasm and a message that inspires.

It does not matter if you are selling health or houses, clothes or cars, food or finance – you are selling to people who have emotions and who want to be on a winning team.  Everyone wants something and someone to believe in.

Find the passion and make it about something bigger than just giving you money.  Now is the time to put together your winning campaign for the rest of 2020.

Yes, it is an election year and we all just can’t wait until it is over.  None the less – it isn’t – and there are many lessons to learn and strategies that can be executed.

Fortunately, you don’t have an election night and you are already your own President.  So, the only real question becomes how can you claim victory this year?

The choice is yours.  There are plenty of people out there waiting and ready to cast their votes.  Will they be showing up for you?

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