You Pick: Sales Creation or Sales Prevention – Part 3

You Pick: Sales Creation or Sales Prevention – Part 3

June 25th, 2020 // 1:28 pm @

You Pick: Sales Creation or Sales Prevention – Part 3

You can probably sense my frustration here.  I hope you feel the same.  If you walk around and observe, you see most people acting helpless, wandering around like zombies as though they are under a trance.

You don’t have to follow suit.  The key word there was people acting – not actually in fact helpless.

Fortunately, my Doctors and their Teams have rallied with each passing day.  They have seen their patients become so grateful for them providing care and delivering some normalcy.

Most Doctors are on par with their monthly average their first full 30 days back and then experiencing momentum that continues to build towards record setting months ahead.

And, as a matter of fact, I’m going to be talking with you about building and maintaining momentum in your business over the next few weeks because I am looking at July as the new January for 2020.  We are going to be living the next half of the year as if it’s a whole and accomplishing everything you set out for in 2020.

Actually, not much time has been lost.  It’s about the momentum being lost, how fast you regain it, and what you do to sustain it.

Last week, I promised you some positive stories and some great innovation; aside from the booming mask industry.

One of the people who lives in our condo building runs a high-end live event business.  Can you imagine?  Entertainment, artists, concerts, big corporations, and the list goes on.  Their business has evaporated, hasn’t it?

Nope, not so fast.

They didn’t lay off anyone, in fact they doubled down.  They didn’t let any – not a single – client cancel any event.  They simply moved every event to virtual.

They set-up stages, they brought in the entertainment, they performed as though it was a live pay-per-view.  CEOs still delivering addresses, groups having breakout sessions, and even gift bags delivered to every attendee.

They brought the meeting to the people since the people couldn’t come to the meeting.  And, by the way, they saved a lot of money on expenses.  They might actually end up with more profit.

More importantly, they solidified their clients for 2021 and beyond.  Everyone is even more excited about the next year’s live event because they kept the magic alive this year.

They didn’t give up.  Instead, they adjusted, innovated, took control, and re-designed their business.  They led the way and their clients followed.  Simply incredible.

One of the fantastic exercise places that I really enjoy is Orange Theory.  They paused all membership but gave away live classes for home workouts the entire time.  Then coming back in they added classes instead of reducing classes.  Then they restarted billing automatically as they should.

They took control and they kept up the experience.  They played the long game not the short and they are coming out ahead.

Their referrals and membership are spiking.  They are seeing “New Year” like membership increases because of how well they cared for their members and because of their methodical plan for coming back aggressively with a growth mindset.

For retail businesses, most mom and pop boutiques have thrived with concierge shopping, online showcases, doubling down on their social media, and doing new engagement to keep it exciting.

Our Doctors, which I have already shared many times, are giving every patient a “new patient” experience and working on their reset vision for their health.  They have incorporated virtual components for outreach, post-ops, pre-education, and screening.

The best ones are keeping up with videos and making the visit experiential not tedious and using the opportunity to have more time with patients to provide a more comprehensive experience overall.

I’ve seen restaurants open earlier to accommodate more people or even making it more interesting with quick changes to the menu.

During the shutdown, a restaurant that was quite frankly struggling since they opened, went around to every residence and offered meals-at-home to bring their restaurant into their house and helping them recreate their experience.  They have since thrived capturing more market share, opening faster, and doing more for the community than most any other place.

It is about innovation, adaptability, relentlessness, and creative thinking.

It reminds me of Stephen Covey’s quotes, “The way we see the problem is the problem.”

So whether you are on fire or not in your business, I would encourage you to keep perspective and remember there is always something you can do to improve, to enhance, to elevate, and to do more for your customers.  You aren’t ever helpless, as long as you are being helpful.

While so many people and businesses around you continue to act like sheep in a herd, it’s far better for you to be the Border Collie deciding the path.

Be the one your customers are talking about to others about and the one that’s catching their money because they are ready to throw it out there.

Your business needs to help facilitate that, not hinder it in any way.  That’s how you stay in the sales creation not the sales prevention business.

You are in a position of influence and through your actions you make incredible impacts on so many.  I challenge you now, more than ever, to use it!

You are most likely one of the few places that delivers any sense of positivity and optimism.  Sticking together will not only help everyone comeback stronger but allow you to continue to develop a community of your own.  It will be more viable than it was before with a brighter and more prosperous future because of all that you have done and continue to do.

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