The Formula To Finish The Year On Top

The Formula To Finish The Year On Top

June 4th, 2020 // 1:20 pm @

The Formula To Finish The Year On Top

Here are the facts… 2020 is not even half over.  There is more to come than what has already passed.  It’s not time to throw in the towel.  Instead, you double down and come out swinging in the next rounds.

For most, certainly if you are here, you have the hunger in your eyes and determination in your mind as you are executing your Comeback Plan with great conviction.  You have restarted and began restore what 2020 was all about for you in the first place.

You had clarity for how you wanted this next decade of your life to begin.  You defined what you were going to do with it and you moved forward boldly into this year uninhibited by anything or anyone – held down or lifted up only by your own beliefs and confidence of what was possible.

And then… well, I don’t have to tell you.

Your current reality, whatever it is, doesn’t dictate what it will become.  You get to decide.  What you don’t have to do is change your plans that you had just a little over 5 months ago.

It’s fair to say you’ve had more year to yourself so far than you haven’t.   You could be tempted to look back and reflect.  Ask yourself how you used your time during the shutdown.  It’s either good or bad, positive or negative, productive or wasted, meaningful or haphazard – none of it matters any more.

What is done is done.  What is behind you, is, behind you.

As I always say: life is lived in the future.  That does not make “the moment” less valuable, it simply means that you are living the future because you can’t rewind to the past and you can’t hit pause on the present.

The future happens; whether you happen to it or it happens to you is the only differential.

Therefore, the only question that truly matters is… what’s next?

What will the rest of your year look like, be like, be worth to you?  What will you do with it?

I say again, there is more sand in the top half of the hour glass of 2020 than in the bottom.  This should be a rejoicing moment and invigorating revelation.  It should be firing you up, driving your forward, and carrying your goals from January with you.

What if you could still finish your year ahead of any other year?  It is possible.  You just have to figure out the math problem.

If we are talking exclusively about profit, the top line number doesn’t matter as much.  You don’t have to do 1.7x more revenue every month for the next 7 months to achieve your best year ever.  You only have to have enough profit per month to beat your goals from before.

The fact is: the numbers are far into your favor, not the other way around.

I’m here today, very early in this 6th month of 2020, to challenge you – now that you have already hit the reset button – to not use this as an excuse to shortchange yourself or to take the easy way out.

Instead, how about YOU DECIDE what happens next.

And to start with, why not revisit and recommit to your original goals for 2020 and double down on everything.

No doubt you had big plans during the shutdown about all the things you wanted to do and change and experience and achieve.  Now, as it has been already a month for many, it’s about actions.

What will yours be?

What will you actually do?

What will you make of this year?

To start, work your math problem and reverse engineer the rest of 2020 to be the best of your life and business career.  Why not decide and determine to come out on top?

There are two things that I will leave you with.

First, math doesn’t lie.

The math can be (if you choose) in your favor.  You can stack the deck, tip the scales, and win big in 2020.

And secondly, actions always speak louder than words.

It is actions that determine outcomes.  You’ll be where you are at the end of 2020 by letting your actions lead the way.

Remember, everything you say you will do but never act on – is always the difference between success and failure, from achievement and shortfall, and from breakthroughs to breakdowns.

Make sure you are on the right side of that equation and you’ve got seven very long months to get it all done and to make it all happen.

The finite structure of the calendar only holds back entrepreneurs who have no ingenuity, no creativity, and no determination.  It will break those who focus on limits instead of finding leverage.

Wanting to win is never enough.  If you truly value time, life, the chapter a year writes in your story – then you will act accordingly.

Refuse to let anything past, present, or future hold you back from your fullest vision and grandest ambitions for 2020 and beyond.

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