Resist The Urge

Resist The Urge

May 21st, 2020 // 11:02 am @

Resist The Urge

I challenge you to not give up your control, to think free, to choose your own approach to life and business and otherwise.  What else is the point?  You aren’t here to become someone else’s puppet.

Let me ask you a question: are you a conformist?

Or are you a creator, an originator, a freethinker?

I can tell you this…

If there were ever a case for being your own business owner – it is now; if there were ever a case for being independent from others control – it is now; if there were ever a case for being financially independent to do whatever you want versus do whatever you ‘have to’ – it is now.

There has never been a more important time to be an Entrepreneur.  Congratulations.

However, if you aren’t careful, you will get stuck in being a conformist and you will lose your profitability and autonomy.

My Doctors, the ones that are renegades and rebel against the industry norms are the ones (right now as I type this) on the verge of having their very best months of their lives.  They are the ones that have more dentistry prescheduled for June than they have ever done before.

The hardest part of any business is to flip the supply and demand factors into their favor.

As sad as this all has been, this is the greatest shot in modern history to – without endless marketing dollars – have more demand than supply they can serve.

And that is when innovation happens, that is when breakthroughs occur, that is when a state of ideal is achieved with giant leapfrogs of progress – right now.

I see very real opportunities for businesses to see 50% growth in the 2nd half of the year (on top of their recent record months and years).  Of course, some will do even.

The only way this doesn’t happen is by screwing up the opportunity, self-sabotaging, or conforming to idiots.

An example of such stupidity: charging a Personal Protective Equipment Fee to the customers.

The people that you want back in your door, the ones that supported you while you were closed – and you are going to penalize them.

Now, there are ways to do it differently to recover added costs and reduced volume.  But for heaven sake, that’s the biggest slap in the face.  Raise your prices, sell at a premium, create new bundles, or limit certain services but don’t ask the customer to pay for new regulations.

No one reading this would ever do that, I know.  Still, resist the urge.

I have some Doctors who told me stories about their colleagues that printed off a letter from the ADA.  First big mistake was even looking at the website, second using something they suggest to run a business and help patients, and third then passing it off like a loser and blaming the industry on why you are cheapening your patient experience.

They aren’t the ADA’s customer – they are yours.  With that, and rightfully so, they are not going to blame anyone else.

Oh sure, some will be understanding and there are ways to leverage it – and as I have told some, if an insurance company will pay it, then take advantage.

But the bigger point here is: someone that is that FOCUSED on the virus, the expenses, the safety, etc – is focused on all the wrong things.

They should be focused on how to make the customers have the single greatest experience of their lives.  Wow them so much right now that you leave them speechless and in awe of how positive of a place, people, experience they have had so they go tell everyone else about it.  Do that and they would be very happy to pay a premium to come back.

As I have been saying from day one, this is the absolutely most incredible time to be in business.  As long as you are focused on the right things and you are working towards a goal (instead of trying to put band aids on problems), you will be fine.

Resist, do not embrace

Adapt, do not conform

Capitalize, do not placate

Specifically for my Doctors, I have laid out four key things that they can do to double down on to make every patient experience BETTER not worse, to make every visit MORE profitable not less, and everything stays in alignment with their core principles.

You have to get out of quarantine mode and break your mind free from house arrest.  Do not be focused on the problem, be focused on your desired outcome.

You are smarter, more decisive, move faster, do more than anyone else you know.  Reach down deep inside of yourself and create the business you want – now.  Do not give in or give up to other people who say it can’t be done.

You didn’t sign up for this gig, build this business, sacrifice everything, risk it all – to surrender when trouble strikes.

Resist the urge.

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