“Re” Everything

“Re” Everything

April 23rd, 2020 // 11:16 am @

“Re” Everything

Imagine how you would feel if someone told you there will be a point in your life where you would be able to almost literally hit the pause button – have almost everything and everyone around you stop and freeze; giving you a chance to take a look around to assess where and who you are.

Then you roll out a giant blank canvas.  While you to get keep everything about your past, your knowledge, your experience, your relationships, your insight, and your perspective, you can start to draw and design your future without any limitations or restrictions whatsoever.

Can you imagine?

Well, most certainly you have the opportunity to write your future chapters, paint your future pictures, choose your future direction at any point in your life you choose.

Yet, all too often, we get stuck in routine and caught up in the cycle of life.  We are ‘too busy’ to be able to take a hard look, to make that change, to stop long enough to decide on something different, and to modify our course and destination.

Enter The Pandemic

Here, over the last several weeks (but not for much longer, we hope), you have had the incredible opportunity, albeit as a result of unfortunate circumstances, to do exactly that.

Have you?

One of my amazing doctors and close personal friend called this “The Great Reset” and I believe that is exactly what it has the chance to be – for some.

Not creating a ‘new normal’ where people don’t socialize in person or where everyone stands six feet a part or pick whatever else you want to consider as the ‘new normal.’  Somethings will wear off, we are human after all, and other changes may stick around.  The Coronavirus has definitely birthed more germophobes – but speaking from experience – that won’t fundamentally change your life.

All that will be what it is, societally.

I’m talking instead and most importantly about you personally… The Great Reset for you.

Perhaps this has given you the time to really think through your life and reflect in a different way.  With this ‘pause’ from your typical daily routine and the normal hustle and bustle of life, you get to consider how and what ways exactly you’d like to see the future be different than the past – what did you miss and what did you not?

Therefore I say it’s time for you to Re-Everything.

Reset – your compass

Reflect – on what is important

Refocus – your mind

Recharge – your body

Replenish – your spirit

Refuel – your energy

Realign – your principles

Remind – yourself about your core purpose

Reignite – your inner passion

Reimagine – your future as you wish it to be

Revisit – your relationships

Renew – your goals and commitments

I’m sure I could go on… feel free to add your own “re” words that mean something to you.  Then take each one and elaborate into a paragraph or some action phrases or a list of priorities or changes that come to mind for each of them.

Finally, once and for all, prepare to RESTART your life, your business, your future, and your pursuits that light you up, that drive you forward, that get you excited about being you and about your future.

The power will come from you doing this exact same thing – every “re” word – for your business too.  Really assess every part and make adjustments so you can charge ahead into the future.

Someone recently used the analogy of the “race of life” and this being the “pit stop” where you pull in, get a tune up, fuel up, and then get ready to take off again.

Just make sure you are winning your race, on your own track, in your own life, and in your own way – not at the mercy of anything or anyone else.  You are the one in the driver’s seat and maybe it feels like you’ve been in park or idle over the past few weeks but life is about to get going again.  Don’t let it move so fast you let it pass you by.

While it will never be your last chance to execute on all of these wonderful “re” words – we hope it’s the last time like this.

Like I said last week: tomorrow is created today – and tomorrow is just about here.  Take this chance, this opportunity, this pause to rewrite your future tomorrows.

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