Motion Beats Meditation

Motion Beats Meditation

April 30th, 2020 // 1:02 pm @

Motion Beats Meditation

I’ve heard this saying so many times I forget who to credit.  To be clear, meditation is a very powerful thing, you just can’t stop there.

Over the past several weeks, you’ve had a lot of time to ‘meditate,’ think, reflect, ponder, and assess everything – life, business, health, wealth, relationships, and so much more.

It’s a powerful thing to be centered and in balance.  The only way to do that is to be at one with who and where you are.

They say happiness is a state of ‘being’ and I would agree.  It’s beyond mind and feelings and really about ‘being.’

Last week, I challenged you with the idea that you could use the shutdown (now basically over or nearing it’s end for most), as a way of making sure you are moving forward in harmony, in balance, in alignment with what you want for your life, your family, your business, your future.  That, all of those “re” things are what meditation is all about.

And without those it’s quite possible you are just going through the motions of life not necessarily in full focus or completely centered on your purpose.


You don’t know, nor do you get anywhere, without actually getting into motion.

That’s why this saying is so powerful.  Motion beats meditation.  I think I would adapt and change the sentence to say – Motions must follow Meditation.

Meditate first then get in motion second; do it quickly and decisively.  Because the faster you get into motion, the faster you know whether you are going in the right direction.

As you use the pandemic to reassess your overall approach to your own life and you meditate about in what ways you want the future to be different than the past, it’s important that you move beyond thought and into action.

We humans are creatures of habits and we tend to fall into routine thought, we limit ourselves, we settle – not always for ‘less’ per se – but we settle in to a comfortable state without even knowing it or realizing it.  We can easily become stuck and be oblivious to it.

I know many people over these several weeks have developed new routines and habits; some have been positive they’d like to keep with them as they get back to their previous flow of life and others they’d be well served to eliminate.

What happens when meditation isn’t followed by motion is we lose our ambition, we tend to be complacent with what is instead of being in pursuit of what we want.

There is nothing wrong with being ‘happy’ and content as long as you are clear minded and at peace with where, what, who you are.

That said, you also don’t have to suppress your greatest desires and aspirations either.  And that is what happens when you forget – to – get – into – MOTION.

Move.  Do something.  Execute.  Progress.  Pursue.


I often say if there were something I wanted to change about my life or routine or business or whatever – well – I would have already done it.  I like being decisive.  Yet and still, without the time, dedication, and clear mindedness to do all of those “re” words I gave you last week we don’t even realize what changes or improvements or enhancements or upgrades we would make.

And then once you do, that’s when you have the ultimate choice that requires the greatest discipline – you have to do something about it.

That’s where you will discover very bluntly that motion will beat meditation every time because it’s movement and action that begets results.  The feedback and information gained through experience allows you to keep improving and keep progressing forward in the direction that you want for the goals and objectives that inspire you.

Ultimately, it’s not up to anyone else to inspire and motivate you.  If your own life doesn’t, no one else’s will either.

Then there’s that saying about how it’s much easier to stay in motion once you are in motion and that’s why the shutdown – if a good thing for anyone at all – is only good for a little while.

Enough is enough.  Meditation time is over, motion time is now.  So, go get ‘em and get going!

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