No Different

No Different

March 26th, 2020 // 12:55 pm @

No Different

I was thinking of what I should write about today.  One might think, given the circumstances, there would be so much.  Yet, it is all more of the same out there and I don’t want to do that.  I don’t want to talk about everything everyone else is.  You don’t tune in here to get what you can out there.

You can probably scroll your social media and find dozens of ‘new’ ideas about what to do while you can’t leave your house.  I’m sure they are all great; do those.

What I hope most of all is that you take care of yourself and those you love.  Be as present as you can possibly be and remain clear minded.

We are all human, it’s not easy.  You might find yourself being frustrated with the situation you are in or stressed out about various things more than normal.  Those feelings might cause you to be short tempered or to disconnect from others.  Fight that urge, stay centered, and be in the moment.

Most people I talk to are smartly looking at this time as gift.  After all, there are two sides to everything.  It is terrible what is going on out there and that people have to die.  People do die – in tragic ways and in natural ways – at nearly a rate of 7,500 every single day in America.

That doesn’t mean the Virus isn’t a big deal, obviously it is.  We don’t want any unnecessary deaths and it’s more of a concern because we are lacking a cure and a vaccine.

The numbers look so scary on TV.  While the numbers are real, they want it to look scary – it’s what keeps you watching.  There are other numbers they should be talking about but they choose not to.

So, is that what we should all be focused on?

My point is and the message I have been telling my Doctors: while you’ve got the time – do something with it that you don’t usually have or take the time to do.

And on a broader level, while you’re alive – while you don’t have the virus – for goodness sake make the most of it, celebrate it, be happy about that.

It’s already bad enough – you don’t need to make it worse.

So, if you think about that, what would you do if this is the only time you had to do it?

Reconnect with your loved ones.

Sit on the floor and play with the kids.

Read a book with your spouse.

Clean out the garage or basement or attic (or all of the above).

Plant flowers.  Go on a walk.  Sit outside.

Learn a new skill or take up a new hobby.

Be a kid again and have some fun.

Or grow up and take care of things that you keep putting off.

My Doctors are still ‘running their businesses’ full steam ahead just in different ways.  They are working on content development, patient education, follow-ups, and some are adapting their business to do as much as they can virtually.

It’s very important to understand that you, as business owner, aren’t ever void of responsibility and you aren’t ever “closed” – and you can’t let your mind think that you are.

I said a week ago or longer – it’s all a blur at this point – that if you took a couple weeks every quarter to “work on your business” you’d have the best quarter ever every single time.  The same applies to your life.

My biggest advice is to stick to your routine as much as possible.  Then add in new habits you want to keep going long term… expand your reflection, meditation, and prayer time; dedicate more time to reading; and add new exercises or activities.

You have to be active in a big way.  You have to keep your body AND your mind ACTIVE.  Schedule out your day, structure your time, and HUSTLE.

Most people are busy developing bad habits… sleeping more, eat junk food, not staying disciplined to routine, and setting themselves up for a harder road back.

It’s different for You and I.  We know something about each other – Virus or Not – we always make every day count, we always make everything matter, we always make the most of every situation.  So why would this be any different?

It might very well be ‘different’ in nature but it is not ‘different’ in life philosophy or purpose.  Because the one thing that isn’t different is the most important part of the whole equation…


Just be that; you do it better than anyone else could.  You don’t need people telling you what or how or when or where or why to be.

Now get busy, time is always fleeting – this will be no different.

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