If It’s All Breaking News, Is Any Of It?

If It’s All Breaking News, Is Any Of It?

March 11th, 2020 // 12:52 pm @

If It’s All Breaking News, Is Any Of It?

And here we go again folks.  We are just a couple days removed from the Stock Market’s BIGGEST DROP since 2008.

Something strange is certainly going on.  A full moon on a Monday coupled with a Friday the 13th and add in a panic-inducing virus.  Suddenly it’s like Halloween in March.  This all gives new meaning to “March Madness.”

If all you did was read the news, you might believe the world’s end is upon us.  They intentionally dramatize everything so reporting becomes a sick form of addictive entertainment.  The headlines keep getting worse so you have to keep tuning in.  They prey on our worst fears, our innate anxiety, and our unavoidable cynicism.

Still, they are only as good as the fear one allows in and attention one pays them.  You remain in control over what gets in and what gets blocked out.

Certainly, I’m not here to tell you what to believe or what to base your own opinions on or who to listen to.  Instead, I’m here to ensure that you are basing every decision you make about your business, your wealth, and your life on facts not feelings – on reality not make-believe.

You have to decide where is the line between precaution and paranoia.

Is the Corona Virus a true threat to society if all deaths are with the aged or those with medical pre-conditions?  Is the stock market doomed because of computer-triggered sell-offs?  Is gas really cheap if the prices are artificially set?  Will the economy suffer long term from a brief pause?

I don’t mean to preach to you or advocate for any one way to live.  I am just here to tell you to be responsible for your own business, your own results, your own actions, and most of all your own beliefs.

It is a terrible disgrace that so much human behavior is a derivative of fear instead of reason.

You must refuse to become the victim of other people’s ideas or things that you can’t control.  There will always be more of those than the other – the things you can control.

Successful people are made by owning up to their own circumstances, deciding what they will or won’t let affect them, rising up to be a positive source of possibilities, and taking advantage of the greatness that is within them.

I have nothing else to say on this matter other than: this too shall pass.  Be cautious of whom you listen to – heed the warnings that are out there but make up your own mind to protect yourself and to be responsible for the decision you make.

I would much prefer to be talking about business development, money making, and your overall lifestyle but once in a while we take a detour to deal with variables that are thrown in our way.

Today, you can commit to remain steadfast on your mission and refuse to become distracted by what’s outside your control.

You get to own your reality.  As long as you are lucky enough to wake up every day, you owe it to yourself and others to thrive and strive to be your best self.

Stay safe out there and do be careful.  Wash your hands, say your prayers, take your vitamins, and be the best you can be…because you deserve it.

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