Where The Real Value Of Your Customer Is Built Part 1

Where The Real Value Of Your Customer Is Built Part 1

February 27th, 2020 // 2:15 pm @

Where The Real Value Of Your Customer Is Built Part 1

Let’s take our topic from last week and expand on it.  If we look at your business through the eyes of your customers and we ask ourselves what are the signs that they feel loved.


More committed?

More apt to buy again?

Willing to refer?

Understand that a  “loved” customer has value beyond just transactional money.  Never forget that.  And by the way, I assume because you are here we don’t have to state the obvious, but everything you do is done out of sincerity and your own genuine approach to wanting to help people.

Now if we build a business that “loves” its customers, what would we want those customers to feel?

Here’s a list I think worthy of your deliberate focus on orchestrating and building into your culture and experience…

They want to feel a sense of belonging.

They want to feel cared for.

They want to feel protected and safe.

They want to feel respected.

They want to feel understood.

Did I, in just those last five words, give you one of the most sacred secrets to life and business for influence, power, and success?  You bet I did.

Do you understand your customer?

Or do you just think you do?

More importantly do they think you understand them?  Do they think you truly and deeply know them?

How do you bring that to life in your experience and interaction with them?

Customers want to feel a connection to the places they give money to.  Think about your loyalty programs, your credit cards, your favorite hotel brand or most frequented local restaurant…

You want to feel acknowledged.

You want to feel special and appreciated.

The real message here today is not just the statement of the “feelings” we want to create inside of the customer – but – how do you actually go about doing this, creating this, stimulating this?

How do you orchestrate an experience that matters in bigger ways than just transactions, than just money, than just the “doing” of whatever it is you sell in order to get to something much deeper than that.

When you move customers into this space of development and you really embrace the relationship factor in your business, it supports leverage like nothing else can.  You end up building a business that is worth a lot more than just the dollars of face value exchange between your customers and your business as entity.  You create something that will take on a life of its own.

It won’t, however, happen on its own.

It has to be intentional, strategic, thoughtful, and ultimately a direct part of your mission.  This, when passionately done right, give you, your team, and your customers more purpose which will lead to a more profitable business than any other bells and whistles, or tips and tricks, or shiny objectives, or greener grass, or anything else.

And the best part is: the profits won’t be the point, but they will be the result from truly creating a culture of customers that are loved in these ways.

We’ll peel this back and reverse engineer some “how’s” next week and I’ll throw in some psychology and bring it all together for you.

In the meantime, please consider and deliberate about your customers being and feeling understood.  That will get you moving in the right direction quickly.

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