The 4 Pillars Of Success You Need Most In 2020 (and always)

The 4 Pillars Of Success You Need Most In 2020 (and always)

January 9th, 2020 // 1:35 pm @

The 4 Pillars Of Success You Need Most In 2020 (and always)

It is not cliché to talk about belief. In fact, there may be nothing more important than someone actually first believing in what they want to accomplish even being possible before they ever have a chance at it.

I can tell you for my Doctors… there are Doctors with the same skills, experience, practice model, and nearly identical in every way – all achieving results that range from okay to unbelievable and the only difference falls into four things:

1. Their confidence
2. Their desire
3. Their self-worth
4. Their belief

Of course, there are other things like work-ethic or responsibility or how they engage their team and patients – but – not one of them would say that they don’t work very hard or that they don’t want it badly enough.

It really boils down to what they will accept based on what they honestly inside of themselves genuinely believe in and expect to happen.

There are certainly businesses that don’t work when it comes to numbers. They have bad math, that is why they stay stuck. However, we are going with the premise that everything is equal and yet the results are still vastly different – how can this be?

It boils down to these things and I can tell you that there is nothing more valuable to you than to go to work on these four key factors of success and personal development.

Ask yourself what would it take to be stronger, bolder, more forthright, and more proactive?

And then go and do that.

Ask yourself what would make you desire your goals more, to be more convicted, and to want the rewards (but also the enjoyment of the process of achievement itself) more than you do now?

Then figure out how to wake up every day and look ahead into the future and be so excited about what you are doing that winning is all that makes it worth it for you.

Ask yourself what would make you value yourself more. This is different than confidence, this is about you truly feeling that you deserve success greater than what you are already experiencing.

I absolutely, completely, strongly believe that no person achieves more than they deem themselves worthy of. People can be big talkers – but if they felt they were worth more they’d find a way to deliver for themselves on that feeling.

There are only two things that stand in people’s way of achieving more: not being willing to do what it takes to make it happen (that’s a big one and one most don’t want to admit), and lack of self-worth of deserving the outcome and feeling comfortable with this in its entirety.

When you improve your self-worth, you improve the worth of everything and everyone around you. You serve as a rising tide to the goals you desire to achieve.

And of course, here we are back to belief. There is nothing more important than you seeing your goals coming to fruition. Practice visualization. Make decisions as though you fully believe in the results you are going to get. Expect things to go your way.

You can find people who have done what you want to do and observe, study, and recreate (and at the same time make it your own). Of course, have faith in all the meanings of the word.

Belief robs people of their potential and then they justify their failures or shortcomings. The next time around, they have an even lower standard and begin to accept less than they deserve. Do not let this happen to you.

You have a fresh new year, you are excited, your energy is high, and you are refreshed for all that lies ahead. Use this enthusiasm and incorporate it into your daily, weekly, monthly routine. Take a quarterly check-in and assess yourself on these four core success factors.

If you have a plan of action and go to work on building your confidence, keeping your desire burning, growing your self-worth, and increasing your belief, you will soon realize that you are unstoppable. It is just a matter of time and consistent action that will push you beyond anything you once thought possible.

And then we rinse and repeat. Onward and upward we go.

If there is one thing I hope to accomplish with my being here for you, it’s these things. My goal every year is help you achieve yours and for you to step to greater expectations. Always know that you are worthy of and capable of achieving whatever it is you can desire, decide, and believe in.

So, we are a week in… go get ‘em and just remember to grow your goals you must first and always grow yourself.

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