Sticking To Your Success Routine – Part 2

Sticking To Your Success Routine – Part 2

January 23rd, 2020 // 1:29 pm @

Sticking To Your Success Routine – Part 2

Okay, I’m so glad you liked it.  Yes, it is just a reminder – but it is the most important reminder of them all.

Pick anyone of great admiration when it comes to achievement in life and I promise you without exception you will find many things in common but one of them is…

A disciplined routine – without fail.

Ultra successful people go out of their way to bring their trainer, their chef, their exercise equipment and many other crazy things anywhere they go in the world because they want to ensure their routine is held sacred.

High performers have this.

Do you?

Now, I want to take it one step further today and say that your wake up, go to bed, exercise, and whatever else routine is not enough – no it is not.

You must have the disciplined protocol for HOW YOU WORK as well.

No matter what you do, talk, write, certainly think, have meetings, prepare for the week and the day, etc.  What is your system?

Once again the same thing applies.  The athlete stepping on the field goes through the same approach from home to arena, from hotel to playing field, from locker room to warming up just to get ready to play.

This is vital to your ability to stay in your stride and to keep your focus.

You want less to think about, not more.  You want your subconscious mind to take over and to drive you to the sweet spot of your awareness and ability to execute.

For my Doctors, having the same routine every time they walk in a room, every time they diagnosis, every time they look at a patient’s mouth, do the charting, and building the treatment plan – all of this creates consistency.  And consistency is key for high performance.

Anything but this leaves way too much room for error.  And the more room – you got it – the more error.

In fact, even with my Doctors and many other professions every “customer” for them is different.  Everyone needs something slightly different or at least that is the customer’s perception.

Yet, the only way to truly customize care is to have a routine and a consistent, rock-solid protocol to arrive at that for every patient.


Do you want the pilot on the airplane during your next flight to just decide to do their safety protocols randomly this time, flip a coin, blindfold themselves, pick and choose what matters today?

Of course not.

And yet they are not all going to the same place, in fact all different places, and yet they all follow the same success protocols to get them to different locations.

You must think like this.  You want yourself to be as disciplined as possible in the way you execute.

For one thing, it saves time.  It is more efficient but more importantly it is more effective.  It leads to you getting down to the heart of the matter much faster because your routine – your success protocol for how you do what you do – takes you to that place much faster.

Your goal is to take all of the major components of your ‘work day’ and ensure that you have your approach dialed in and break it down in to the big compartments of what you do.

What actions are you responsible for today?

How do you do those at your very best every single time?

What do you need to ensure that happens?

Who else is involved and what do they need to know?

How can the environment support you being at your best?

These are the questions that matter for your business.

You can also think about it in the opposite way…

What (or who) gets in the way of you being on your game and in your zone every single time?

Now, if you really commit to this, you are going to find that you have more ‘closer to perfect’ days more often and that your results compound, your frustrations dissipate, your stress lessens, and your momentum builds because you are confident in your system.

If you take this next statement to heart, you will never stop thanking me.  Which, by the way, the best way to thank me is by you being at your best, achieving your goals, and living life on your terms because your business was a vehicle to facilitate it and make it happen.

This is what you must do…


That’s it.

Set yourself up for success by having everything and everyone organized around you to make your life work and your business perform.  This allows you operate with the best success routine and system to put you at the highest level.

Peak Performance isn’t rocket science.  In fact, it’s pretty obvious.  It’s the self-discipline that is the hardest and most mysterious part of all.

Some tips on that next week…

You’ve got work to do, routines to assess, environments to optimize, people to align, and yourself to set up for success.  Get to it.

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