Sticking To Your Success Routine – Part 1

Sticking To Your Success Routine – Part 1

January 16th, 2020 // 1:01 pm @

Sticking To Your Success Routine – Part 1

Here’s what we know… if you are reading this, you know how to be successful. You know what to do, what to think, how to decide, how to take action, and what is most important to follow-through on. You already know.

The challenge is not the knowing, it’s the doing.

Recently, a very smart, very successful multi-million dollar owner approached me about feeling stuck on decisions and not following through in order to get things into motion. Not everything is conclusive and finite (once done, it’s done for good).

However, nothing is beneficial unless there is progress and progress means things have to be moving forward. Motion leads to results and results lead to better decisions and around and around we go.

So, here’s what you may or may not want to hear: if you want your business to work, you have to work first.

That is the same as last week’s message around growing you in order to grow your goals.

Now, when you put that into action you want to stick to your success routine that ensures that you are at your very best. When you are at your best you are much more clear minded to decide, you are much more confident in your actions, and you are much more capable of persevering and following through on your goals. You are making the progress necessary to give you the momentum you need to see it through.

You can have all the to-do lists and action plans and everything else you want, but if you don’t have a great routine for you in order to be centered, focused, on point to carry out the priorities of the day then you are going to go in circles instead of making the climb up the mountain towards your objectives.

This routine can be when you wake up, what you eat, how you exercise, read, reflect, meditate, journal, organize, plan. It can be how you finish your day and prepare for the perfect night’s sleep every day.

The routines to book end your day are critical for consistent performance and success.

Of course, life nor schedules are perfect. You aren’t doing much of anything of grand magnitude if you are fully capable of a monotonous routine every day without exception – I’ve yet to meet a business owner that could fit that description.

Therefore you have to have anchors that get you back on track and reset points to ensure you aren’t falling into a slippery slop of being reactive to everything and exhaustedly just making it through the day instead of being a driver through your day by being in control over the outcomes that you want to create.

More than just your personal routine for success, you also must consider how you work. Your work routine for success includes how you make lists, plan priorities, engage with your team, and what you do to ensure you are on offense in your business the majority of the time – that means being a creator by bringing in opportunity – and never getting stuck in defense or delivery mode or heaven for bid administrative mode.

I remember someone once saying, “The world is in a conspiracy to wreck your plans.”

And while I don’t believe it is intentionally doing so, we are all susceptible to this. It is a reality – in every way, shape, and form you have the risk of being distracted by something, being taken out of focus, off your path, derailed by someone that has a different agenda than the one you woke up.

You must protect against this. The best way to do it is to have a disciplined routine for how you work and carry out your day.

For my Doctors, how they review their charts, study their schedules, walk into their morning huddles, where their mind is at during their day with every patient, what their personal approaches are to staying in the moment, how they compartmentalize mentally what is going on throughout the day, how they end their days, review their numbers, keep their teams on track…

If it is left up to chance, it is not going to go well. Instead, a dedicated approach to succeed every day is my expectation for them and their standard for themselves.

The only way for you to make sure that the most important things get done every day is for you to make sure the most important things get done every day.

And I can tell you that there is nothing more valuable than mapping out your day in advance of everything you are going to do, the order in which it is going to happen, and to stick to your success routine from start to finish. If, and it will happen, something or someone throws a wrench in it – you get back on track as quickly and as assertively as you can.

That’s how you build a great year, one successful day at a time. Your commitment to your own routine that works for you must be rock solid and not optional.

Today, assess your deliberate approach to your day. Think through what you’d like to do more or less of each week.

Figure out how you can be on offense more and minimize any need for other things to be in your way. Think through how you get in your own way and how you let other things derail you and then figure out your defense system against it.

Ask yourself what would make you more successful and profitability productive on your goals and objectives every single day. You can then ask everyone of your people the same thing.

Master yourself and you will master the day, master the day and you will master your goals, period.

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