How To Control The Minds Of Your Customers – Part 4

How To Control The Minds Of Your Customers – Part 4

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How To Control The Minds Of Your Customers – Part 4

Here we are picking up our final piece to the best approach to help influence your customers to buy (otherwise known as controlling the minds of the people who have interest in your products and services).

A quick reinforced reminder about why this matters so much… they are called customers … I joke with my great Doctors and their Teams to never forget that they are called Patients for a reason because they DO NOT have the answers.

This is actually a very serious point. The best customers (no matter if we are talking cars or houses or travel or clothes or health), people are really buying other people’s expertise and confidence in their experience and knowledge.

That is the bottom line.

Everyone can find something else or someone else cheaper. So why you?

Because you have relationship, knowledge, guidance, advice, and you help people make the best decisions for them.

This is actually why I don’t even consider anything we do as “selling” because done right you are not in the convincing business but instead in the influencing business.

Keeping it very simple, they have to have problems to solve and reasons why their lives will be better once they are your customers. If you see through their eyes and truly get to know their interests, you can then help them begin building the vision of what it will be like once they have moved forward. Then all that is left is building that bridge from where they are today to where they want to be.

That bridge is your “sales process” and the experience in which they are going to go through to bring their goals into reality; no matter what those goals are.

The next and final step is of course making sure that the value of the benefits and the significance of the reasons why outweigh the value of the money they are going to be exchanging hands with you.

Now, it is very important to grasp that value is in the eye of the beholder so while they still have their money they are going to feel it’s worth more to them than when their money is no longer there. However, once they make the exchange, they will be grateful that they did and now own their decision and be happy about it.

Of course, you’ve heard of buyer’s remorse and while it’s a real thing it only happens when someone has been convinced instead of influenced. Following my methods here you will avoid buyer’s remorse because TOGETHER you and your customers have made great decisions aligned with what is in their best interest.

You can do a great job of building value in three very easy ways that are all good for different circumstances but work all the same depending on the customer and your own strengths in personality.

First, you can tell stories about others who have done what they are about to do and get them to see the before and after. Ideally talking to them about what their life or health or whatever will be like in the future and what that will mean to them.

Second, you can rationally go through the decision making process. Tell them you want to help them make a great decision. Talk through what that would look like and how to make the correct choice for them. Again, they are deciding versus you just presenting and hoping. Discussing their options is also the ideal way to actually get their feedback and know where they are and how they are feeling.

Third, you can actually value build (depending on your business and what you do), where you breakdown the money so that it is truly inconsequential over the lifetime value of the benefits they receive.

Some examples for our Doctors in Dentistry we might say, “It will never be more affordable than it is today because the alternative to being proactive with your tooth/health is far more complicated than what we are talking about right now.”

They might say, “Of course, if you think about your smile/mouth and the impact of this to your life over the next 5, 10, 20 whatever years, it’s priceless compared to the modest and smart investment you are making right now.”

Sometimes it is about time or convenience and always about optimal and what is best because generally speaking people do not want 2nd best of anything if they can be made to afford the best option first.

Here’s what I can tell you, if you take this on and really want to master it, you will have so much fun working together with your customers to make their goals reality.

The ability to influence and help more customers is what makes this all valuable. It turns this into a business instead a hobby and makes you a professional instead of an amateur.

Embrace that and be confident in yourself. You will find so many more customers, opportunities, and money flowing to you more easily than ever before.

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