Thanksgiving All Year Round

Thanksgiving All Year Round

November 27th, 2019 // 12:48 pm @

Thanksgiving All Year Round

You have certainly heard the expression having “an attitude of gratitude” and I can’t think of a better way to live your life.

There is nothing more important than being appreciative and thankful. It just wears well on you, keeps you youthful, your mind at peace, and your heart full.

It seems with so much negativity around us all the time that it is easy to stop thinking about the best in others, which is surely a mistake. Not just because of the benefits of the golden rule and ‘what you focus on you get more of,’ though it is helpful, but because people will see you the way you see others.

If you are generally affirmative, optimistic, and grateful, you send that out into the world and you will think better about others too. You become a force for positivity.

You know these people. Hopefully when people think of this, they think of you. It is certainly better to be taking people with you than leaving people behind.

I suppose it should be said: you want to be the person that you want to be around.

Over the years, I have written dozens of Thanksgiving Messages and I’ve talked about how the Entrepreneur is a creator of thanks for others because you stimulate and make possible opportunity. I have shared the story about the gardener and taking responsibility for their own land. I have reemphasized the significance of literally giving thanks as much as and often as you can. My favorite topic is not waiting for a Holiday but making it a way of life everyday.

Today, I’m just keeping it simple and saying this…

Let’s all double down our efforts to never take for granted being thankful, expressing gratitude, and telling others how important they are to you.

Yes, there is so much to be thankful for. To God, to others, to team members, to customers, to our Country, to yourself, and of course to your family. It takes everything and everyone to make “all” this happen.

Sadly, the bad things that happen help us to focus more on the good that we want. I suppose if there were never anything unfortunate, it would be all the easier to just expect everything to be perfect. No one would ever really value what it takes, the sacrifice and compromise, the investment and the work, to have and experience all we do.

You know that saying I reference all the time…

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m promising you it’s going to be worth it!”

Isn’t that just the very motto for Life itself.

Be thankful not just for what you have but what it takes to have it. Of course, this goes beyond possessions to more important holdings like your relationships, opportunities, ambitions, pursuits, and experiences.

Of course, I can’t ever overstate this, I am so thankful for you, giving me purpose, showing up here, valuing what I do, and giving me this grand privilege to be in your life and have you in mine.

Every day and especially tomorrow on Thanksgiving, be thankful, have fun, and enjoy yourself, your life and all the people in it.

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