How To Control The Minds Of Your Customers – Part 3

How To Control The Minds Of Your Customers – Part 3

November 21st, 2019 // 11:37 am @

How To Control The Minds Of Your Customers – Part 3

Picking up from last week, please don’t miss the bigger point of the message about “know thy customer” and understanding the person you are selling to and serving.

A whole lot of businesses get stuck into more of a hobby mode by never breaking through this point and they are finding a few random people every once in a while instead of being dedicated and determined to craft an experience that provides to people what they actually want to buy.

Now, this doesn’t mean you just give up to your customer and do your business on their terms. Of course not. You design your business the way you want it to be as long as you understand the perspective of the buyer in the first place and you are working to bridge the gap between what they want and what you have. You can’t be lazy about this or you will never really reach the profitability that your business is capable of and the success you deserve.

That leads me to the next mind control concept and it is really like flipping a switch in the prospects’ minds and makes them want to give you money.

Remember the most important premise: people are buyers, they want to buy, they don’t want to waste their time, they aren’t ‘looking around’ if they are coming into your business (whether it’s a physical building, website, event, etc).

All people understand this game and by their actions they are choosing to be willing participants of the game itself.

So, what now has to happen is the demonstration of a void in someone’s life that your product or service can fill. Something is either less desirable than it could be or you can make some part of their lives better.

Not all people are buying to solve problems. They might be buying to gain some advantage or experience or memory or improvement.

For my Doctors and their Teams, many patients do not come in looking for a beautiful smile or even necessarily care as long as they have all of their teeth (and even some don’t care about that). They do care though about not being in pain. On the other hand, there are people who have no problems in their mouths and they aren’t in pain but they are self conscious about their smile or they want some enhancement to look better.

When you understand your customers, you will see the range of interests and perspective that people would have about all the things you do and then you would have ways to open your customers’ minds to make them desire the changes that you can offer.

So, this is the switch you are flipping… getting them to see themselves with the future benefits after you have helped them to realize what they are missing and what they will gain by doing, buying, or experiencing.

The more proof, the more demonstration, and the more it has been made their own idea the better.

You do not want to be in the convincing business. In fact, the entire philosophy around “mind control” is that you aren’t convincing the customer about anything because they want it – you are influencing them to make their own decisions in a positive way.

Now, you can’t stop there. You must provide “reasons why” they should move forward. Why their money is better left with you and your services left with them.

“Reasons why” is nothing new and I’ve talked about here on many occasions. This goes back to the greatest advertising and marketing minds of all time.

Allow me to break it down…

I am your customer, I came to you looking for something, you know that because you know me, both in concept and in this specific instance.

Now that you know me, your goal is to help me figure out if what I was coming for is what I really want and thereby demonstrating to me the deficits that exist, the problems I have that needs solved, or the advantages that I will gain by becoming your customer.

And then instead of just have me take your word for it, you are going to tell me exactly why I should buy tying these to things together.

This is most easily done, if you want a shortcut, by saying the word “because.” If you say to your customer, “based on what you have said to me, this is the best solution for you because it will do this, you will gain this, it will bring you that, you will experience this…”

All too often, just like taking the customer for granted in the first place, people assume the customers already have their minds made up. You won’t make many sales and certainly of no value if you are just an order taker instead of a creator. Remember that. Businesses also falsely believe that a customer is going to run through all the logic in their minds and just willing give you money.

You see, I did say customers come in because they want something, but they also come in playing tug of war with you and they try to force you to do it. However, you can’t play tug of war because this is the opposite of the dynamic you want to have.

The force of the pull for any customer to delay decisions and to walk out with their money is very strong and that is because of their confidence in the value exchange being worth what they are losing compared to what they are gaining.

In order to get them on the same side of the rope as you (wanting to become your customer and give you money), you want to master this mind control concept. You must establish the problem you are solving (or the enhancement you are providing) and then make the reason why big enough that they can’t deny or refuse wanting to receive this so much so that they will part with their money.

If you really want to do this and become great at it, you want to look at all the things you do for your customers and make a benefits list for everything so that you are well versed in all the reasons why. Then the switch is flipped when you make it personal to each and every customer.

You should see now how the first two mind control steps link together and not only make this easy but make it fun. It will lower or remove any resistance from your customers because you are truly helping them get what they want. You are just first using your expertise and sales experience to help define that and make it so big, so valuable, and so compelling that the reasons why and the value exchange is worth more than their money.

And that’s where we’ll go next to wrap up our Mind Control discussion. Remember, do not be in the convincing business, instead focus on influencing your customers by making it obvious what they’ll gain.

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