How To Control The Minds Of Your Customers – Part 2

How To Control The Minds Of Your Customers – Part 2

November 14th, 2019 // 1:22 pm @

How To Control The Minds Of Your Customers – Part 2

Last week, I gave you the first step of Mind Control without you even knowing it and that is the principle of knowing your customer.
Yes, I know it sounds so silly and yet it is so underestimated. Most businesses are more focused on being what they are for themselves versus trying to understand what customers want them to be – for them.

I call this seeing your business through the eyes of your customer.

This is NOT so you can be at the mercy of the customer and in fact quite the opposite. It is so that you can help guide your customers by understanding them.

Both as people and also as customers (meaning that you want to know everything you can about the people you are trying to attract to your business and then you also want to know everything about why they are interested, what they value, what their perceptions are about you).

Do you see the power in this? It is far easier to create an experience that is customized to your customers’ desires when you actually know who the customer is in the first place.

If you did the practice activities I gave you last week, you will identify several important parts about how you can better match your experience to meet your customers where they are and then elevate them up to where you want them to be.

The most common problem in selling of any sort is rushing the sale by pushing the customer faster than they are ready to go. The idea can’t be to just get it done, get through the system, read the script, checkoff the processes. Instead, the point is to nurture the customer along and bring them with you on this journey.

The experience isn’t there for you, it’s there for them.

This doesn’t mean you don’t want to speed it up and accelerate progress. In fact, that is why the Mind Control concepts matter so much because they do create and facilitate speed.

When you know who your customers are and you see your business through their eyes, you can have more sincere empathy and therefore build more trust and accelerate to yes.

The first level of Mind Control is making sure that the customers feels like this is the right place for them. They feel welcome, that it’s inviting, and they are supposed to be there. You want your customers to feel as though they finally feel at home, they found a place that understands them and listens to them.

The more information you can have your customer share with you the better because it makes it more personal instead of just feeling like they are going through a transactional process. You want them to feel and actually be going through a personal process.

The fun part about knowing your customer better is that you can work on deliberately attracting more of them and you will have marketing that calls out to these people.

When things resonate with a customer they are more apt to buy faster and with less price resistance as they base their decisions on value, which we’ll get more into in the next couple weeks.

If you want to have more influence over your customers then you must have more understanding of your customers. When you do, you can build stronger relationships and increase the value they receive.

Now, here’s the real trick, everyone in your organization must commit to these same things. Throughout the culture of your business you want to be sure there is consistency and continuity in the way your team members talk to your customers and engage.

What builds a great organization that customers rave about is having the attitudes of your people be ones of service and keeping this customer relationship mentality in place.

If you control the minds of your customers appropriately then you will see that they are coming to you for your guidance, advice, and direction whether you are selling clothes, fixing cars, a doctor, a real estate professional or anything in between.

In all businesses, you want customers coming to you because of your expertise, authority, and eventually your relationship; not just coming to you to get an order filled because they can do that anywhere.

Step one of Mind Control is understanding your customers’ minds, how they think, and what they value. This is not used to judge them but rather to support them by giving them exactly what they need. This will set you up for the next step in the mind control process that is all designed around helping your customers make better decisions for themselves and avoid money being in the way of their forward progress.

Go to work on this and you’ll be ready for step two next week as our customers’ minds have now been opened.

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