Life and Business Balance Part 2

Life and Business Balance Part 2

October 3rd, 2019 // 9:59 am @

Life and Business Balance Part 2

Last week, we talked about how “balance” is circumstantial based on what your goals are at any given time and stage of your life. That you have the ability to decide what “balance” looks like, feels like, acts like and how you live that out. You can’t take other people’s opinions about the matter to judge yourself because they aren’t you.
As long as you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are in harmony with all the things and people, goals and objectives that you want to be, then you are in balance.

The other really big aspect of this is the quote I gave you from Zig. The reason that is so important is because of the fact that you will sabotage your own decisions if you can’t be present and focused where you are doing what you are supposed to be doing all the time.

I always remind my Doctors and especially their spouses who, if they do not work inside of the practice, sometimes feel left out of “their thing” (meaning the other person’s business), and I always assure them…

“The surest way to have a successful business that is healthy, developing, and remarkable is to have a personal life that is the same.”

This is perhaps the most important “balance” of all to any great business success, the support of all other people around you and the ‘healthy and happy’ state of your life outside of the business. If this is out of whack then it is really hard to have anything else going right.

Now, the opposite can often apply and in fact that is one of the most common reasons my doctors come to me in the first place – that the practice has become all-consuming and so much a part of their life outside of the practice that they don’t even feel like they have one any more.

Some of this requires more discipline and boundaries, but ultimately it all requires more successful outcomes and prosperity.

That’s right, just like the saying goes about money…

“If you have a problem and it can be fixed with money, then it’s not a problem.”

Well if you are out of balance in your life and you are taking your business home with you then the answer is – right the ship, get your direction back, and achieve the level of success you deserve.

I love to remind people that ‘hard work’ does have a diminishing return and that is why working smarter, creating leverage, trading up to more valuable opportunities is always the best way to get greater results – not just more effort, more hours, more customers, or more of any one thing.

So, to finish the transition from the truth about balance in your life, to the way your business impacts your ability to be in and have balance, ask yourself where you are at right now.

From a business perspective, what do you need to get under control? What weighs on your mind? How are you at being at home, focused on your life?

Last week, we took a hard look at the reality that there is no split percentage like a pie chart where every thing and person and activity gets some equal attention or time – but that it is controlled and decided by you, and it should be done GUILT FREE.

Let me restate that.

Once you decide how your life needs to look right now to make all parts of it work – anchored by purpose, compass pointed to your north – you have to live it out GUILT FREE. Otherwise you will sabotage yourself.

It is the biggest reason why so many business owners never really find their true potential, they hold back, feel guilty of ‘working too much’ or not doing this or that.

There are sacrifices in all things in order to achieve your goals. If you are clear on your goals, then those sacrifices should be acceptable.

In the end, you want your time in life and business to be disciplined and organized. The real balance comes from being able to be ‘in’ each and be fully there.

Enough of this conceptual… next week we are talking tactics.

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