Facing The Frightening Things and Scary Thoughts Holding You Back

Facing The Frightening Things and Scary Thoughts Holding You Back

October 23rd, 2019 // 1:06 pm @

Facing The Frightening Things and Scary Thoughts Holding You Back

I do enjoy the craze of Halloween. It’s a fun time of year where the theme becomes all consuming for a few weeks.
When you think of Halloween, you most likely think of tricks and treats, pumpkins, costumes, and scary masks.

The irony of Halloween is that most people live masked from their deepest reality all year long (sometimes all life long), because they let other things, people, and thoughts hide their true ambition.

I enjoy writing with a Halloween Theme as much as possible. We’ll start today with a week to go and begin with just one question (and it’s not what are you going to dress up as next week). Instead, it’s something deeper, darker, and far scarier than any haunted house or horror flick.

The question is…

What are you afraid of?

In life, marriage, business, health, sales, marketing, customers, employees, money, success?

In every part of a person’s life they have fears (both known or unknown) that hold them back from even greater significance, fulfillment, prosperity, desire, achievement, and peace of mind.

The fears that are not obvious might be disguised, like people on Halloween, as something they are not. Yet they are there as the reasons why you have justified staying the same or not following something that inspires you. They could be preconceived ideas, complacency tied to comfort, or worries about worse case scenarios.

Specific to your business, you fail to discover untapped opportunity, higher prices, more aggressive marketing, the necessary decisions that will lead to greater accomplishments, and ultimately a business more valuable to you.

Of course, with everything there is risk and certainly you know of the saying that the greater the risk the greater the reward. The beautiful part about business is that it can be controlled, managed, orchestrated, and manufactured so that you can mitigate risk and maximize reward.

Often finding what you are afraid of will lead you to what is holding you back from everything else and breaking through to new possibilities. You do only know what you know by what you have experienced. Your beliefs color your reality and blur your vision.

Now, to those ‘fears’ that you are not oblivious to and that are staring you in the face every day. I say to you: it’s time to face them. Do not stay paralyzed by them and realize that you are capable of overcoming these.

In my most recent Private Doctor Memos, I’ve been writing about their Defense System… what they do and what can be done to protect themselves from things like this.

If you want to be as successful as you are capable of being personally and professionally, then you will be the one casting the spells and building the force fields that provide protective measures in your life to keep sacred your pursuit of your greatest objectives.

No different than the fact that most businesses becomes a job instead of vehicles to help you get more out of your life, we let monotony and routine result in lowering your guard. You end up replacing conscious thought and deliberate action with living and doing business nearly in a trance similar to a zombie literally going through the motions without emotion or purpose.

Learning to tap into your deeper thoughts, your greatest fears, and your grandest ambitions in order to embrace who you are will give you strength and power to do more than you could ever imagine.

Today, in honor of the fun of the Halloween Month, I’m challenging you to come out of hiding like a Vampire in the sunlight to find your demons, root them out, purge them one by one, and discover the spirit inside of you that is stronger than any ghosts or goblins. You have the ability to cast your own spells that will allow you to extricate all doubts, negative thoughts, past baggage, or future fears to open the pathways to possibilities in your life and business.

First, the tough questions and assessment for yourself, second the awareness of what is holding you back, and third the courage to combat and the conviction to conquer every obstacle in your way.

I’m confident, if you learn to face your fears and challenge yourself to overcome them, you will find breakthroughs in every area of your life.

Since I’ll be writing to you again on All Hallows Eve, I will be back with my infamous Halloween Edition for your reading pleasure. Plus, a little trick or treat of my own just for you.

In the meantime, you’ve got skeletons in your closet that need to be cleaned out.

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