What Business Ownership Really Means

What Business Ownership Really Means

September 18th, 2019 // 11:07 am @

What Business Ownership Really Means

If you talk to most business owners you will find an undertone in their talking that basically sounds as though they have no control over what’s happening. They report results and give the current state of affairs as if they are stock exchange headlines instead of taking responsibility over what is going on.
Business ownership really means business results ownership.

This is the biggest difference between those that are okay just being in business and those that actually want to win at the game of business.

The great part about business is that you can win by your own definition. It would be lifestyle, method, model, money… or all of the above.

Look, it isn’t easy to play this game, let alone win it. So you should want to do it on your own terms and at least have fun doing it while reaping the rewards for yourself you deem worth the effort.

Last week, in my tribute, I also talked about the fact that you must consider the things and forces against which you should be protecting your business from. There are even more things that you must protect your own mind and thinking from. Your principles need protection.

This is one of them; maybe the biggest.

And that’s to not ever fall into the trap of thinking that you are at the mercy of anything in your business. Instead, you are capable of controlling everything so that you can be the one who chooses and decides how things are going to go.

For my Doctors, I’ve been writing recently about the “cause and effect” that goes into every Dental Practice. This really applies to every single business.

If you want a certain result (or effect) to happen – you can work backwards to understand and then create the cause, the trigger, the catalyst for making it so.

It is the easiest thing in the world to become complacent and to just let things happen by removing yourself from the responsibility of the results. Pretty soon you begin believing that you do not own outcomes, but rather outcomes own you.

It is absolutely critical to the long term, sustained success and profitability of every business that the owner actually owns the outcomes and therefore all of things that create the outcomes.

Your goal in your business should be to protect against problems and to stay focused on creating opportunities for yourself so that you can have more going right than going wrong.

All that is to say, just like in a sporting event, it doesn’t matter what it looks like, it only matters that you win.

There has been a long standing saying that “success is cooked in a messy kitchen.” I’m not sure where the original credit goes for the saying but it’s certainly true and should be embraced.

In reality, it’s hard to say that it is worth all that it takes unless you are achieving the life you want along the way. It is, as I said, tough to keep the balance of doing what it takes to win and still enjoying it along the way.

Balance, now that’s an entirely different topic that deserve in depth discussion. We’ll go there next week.

For now, ask yourself three things…


How do you define your success in and out of your business? What makes it worth it for you to do what (and all) it takes to win?


Is there anything you wish were different about your business? What are you (and can you) do to make an impact on this to make the change, make it better, get it to a state of ideal?


Are there any excuses you are making? Are you allowing yourself to be at the mercy of your business? Are there outcomes you are settling for that you know you need to take more control over and do something about?

Those are very deep and very significant things to be discussing with yourself. We’ll hammer out some actions on them next week and I’ll burst your bubble on the whole fallacy of “balance” while still bringing you some great and positive news.

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