What Your Prospects Really Want…

What Your Prospects Really Want…

August 14th, 2019 // 1:01 pm @

What Your Prospects Really Want…

If you want to generalize what we have been doing over the past couple weeks, we’ve been getting inside of your customers’ minds and helping to connect with them emotionally in order influence them in a positive way to get them to move forward with you.
We’ve talked about giving them hope and about making their lives better. Now, I want to give you the punch line, the ultimate way to push people over the edge and get them to go all in with you.

It boils down to this… what they really want is…

The Answers!

That’s right, people want to be told WHAT TO DO.

I know you have heard this before because I’ve told you the strategy they teach in giving speeches:

“Tell them what you’re going to tell them.”

“Tell them.”

And, “Tell them what you told them.”

The main point needs to be repeated, emphasized, blatant, direct. You don’t beat around the bush when you are trying to convince someone to do something. They are coming to you for guidance, advice, and benefit; no matter what you sell. Even if what you deliver is more product based instead of service or an experience, it is still very important to understand that customers are paying as much for the information and your knowledge as they are for anything else.

This happens to also be how you avoid becoming a commodity that they can get anywhere else with anyone else.

This three step approach in speaking is very similar to what your prospects and customers want as well. To put it simply, they want you to give them the answers and tell them what they should do.

Surely you realize that what they don’t want is to figure things out all by themselves, they could have stayed home and did that. Now all of these strategies of communication and influence tie together. They work in conjunction with each other.

In fact, when you give someone hope, opportunity, promise of benefits, and something better, the next and most obvious question someone would ask is what to do next.

Case in point, they want to be told and directed, guided and led.

Okay, for the advanced class today, here’s what it really boils down to. There are three steps that will dramatically improve your ability to motivate and persuade patients, clients, customers to pay you for what you can do for them.

Here they are:

1 – You must tell your prospects HOW they should FEEL

2 – You must tell your prospects WHAT they should DO

3 – You must tell your prospects WHY they should BUY

Most people do it all backwards… thinking you are doing the prospects a favor by letting them be in control or being so bashful about encouraging someone to do something that you are totally at the mercy of everything floating around in their minds.

Let me ask you this: what does the human mind default to – every time – when given the opportunity?

It’s called: Indecision.

Remember who knows best… You. That’s why they sought you out in the first place. And someone that won’t listen isn’t the right customer for you because they got it all backwards.

This is also what moves you to a position of authority and that’s the position you want to be selling from because actually it takes the “selling” out of it. It puts you in demand and therefore control.

Let me emphasize this point, if they knew what to do, how to feel, and why to buy, they certainly wouldn’t need you selling them now would they.

So, I challenge you, draw a line in the sand in front of you, and say you’ve got to stop wasting your selling opportunities, you’ve got to stop leaving it up to your prospects, and you’ve got to stop letting your income hang in the balance.

Over the next couple weeks, I’m going to personally walk you through my approach to what I call the Ultimate Prospect Conversion System and apply everything I’ve talked to you about so far.

Our goals are as follows:

Choosing the right WHO you have in front of you,
 getting INVOLVEMENT from them and make it experiential,
 and the 3 things listed above.

Remember, “Marketing and Selling” go together, but what’s in between is CONVERSION. Especially right now when customers think they have all the power and so many options – you have to differentiate yourself and you have to take control over how they feel, think, decide, and buy.

That’s a lot of food for thought and you should find great ways to apply this to your own approach and process right now.

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