The Art Of Telling Your Prospects “Why They Should Buy”

The Art Of Telling Your Prospects “Why They Should Buy”

August 29th, 2019 // 12:49 pm @

The Art Of Telling Your Prospects “Why They Should Buy”

Similar to last week, with the idea of telling your prospects and customers how to feel (meaning that you share with them the reality they will experience before they experience it), today we are talking about being very, incredibly explicit in giving the prospect and customer all the reasons and realities of why they should buy whatever you are selling them in the first place.
This goes beyond just the ‘feelings’ and into the actual outcomes. It moves us from emotion to logic.

Now, I’m here to tell you that this is one of the most important aspects of all the selling you will ever do; which is to embrace the fact that you will get people motivated by emotion and you will justify their buying decision by logic.

It doesn’t matter to me how that feels or sounds to you – it is simply the truth. We can be specific and plainly state the idea of buyer’s remorse. There isn’t a person on the planet that hasn’t felt that or experienced it before.

The secret to both overcoming that as well as pushing most buyers over the edge in the first place is that you tell them exactly why they should buy and you make a logical play on it.

It is best if this comes after you have done the feeling part of the equation that I covered last week.

I will give you two easy examples…

You sit in a new sports car and you feel the energy, the ego, and the confidence of it all. The salesman (if they are any good) emphasizes to you that you earned this reward. You are ready to buy it but then you think to yourself, “Do I really need it?” Or whatever other second guessings of self-doubt as to your purchase.

Then the astute salesman says, “Really it’s only x dollars more than your existing payment.” Perhaps you have no current payment so then they say, “Well the car you have now is going to start requiring a lot of maintenance and you know this car is brand new. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing you won’t have any issues.”

You get the idea. Pick ANYTHING you purchase, invest in, etc.

I was just thinking about one of my investment advising subscriptions that share “high level research.” I think of the thousands of dollars a year plus the new stuff they send and come up with all the time. Emotionally it’s easy – they sell FEELINGS better than anyone I know because you don’t want to miss out on ANY of their ground-breaking advice.

Then – and they are so good at this – they push the logic. They tell you why you should buy and they justify it with numbers; which is a key, if you can do it. Last week tied to emotions and how it feels. This week tied to logic and reasons why you should buy.

Of course, they can (and with good marketing they should) overlap.

I say to myself, wow the one pick they gave me justifies and pays for all the subscriptions so far, so what’s one more?

While it’s true – no different than the benefits of what you sell – they are always true otherwise you wouldn’t be in business. You can’t leave it up to your prospects or customers to think of them nor should they. It is your responsibility to share, show and tell, express, and demonstrate to them the real value of doing business with you.

For my doctors, we sell the dream, the smile, the health by emphasizing the feelings and the fact that the patient deserves everything and that no price is too much for their overall benefits. Yet and still, there is nothing more motivating than avoiding a root canal or losing a tooth or some painful experience or emergency.

So, while they tell them about all the feelings, they then have to present why the patient should buy. Take the patient into the future and make the investment of the money less than the value of the benefits and worth more to proactively avoid any consequences.

I often call this the crystal ball concept.

Show your customers, clients, and patients (and especially those who have not yet become any of those three), the crystal ball of the future. Do not just make them feel good about it but show them, demonstrate for them, paint the picture of the future, and tell them exactly why they should buy.

Inside of this week’s message is perhaps one of the greatest and yet most obvious methods to ‘making it okay’ and ‘comfortable’ for your prospects to give you money and buy. Use it, embrace it, and know you’ll help so many more people. That is if you don’t leave it up to them but instead tell them exactly what to do and why they should buy.

Try it and be amazed. You just might even impress yourself.

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