One Thing ALL Businesses Should Sell

One Thing ALL Businesses Should Sell

August 8th, 2019 // 11:03 am @

One Thing ALL Businesses Should Sell

Today’s message comes in two parts and piggybacks on my message about “communication” last week.
Actually, I’m going to give you the punch line, so to speak, before the joke. In this case, it’s no joke at all, but the perhaps the single most important concept to truly creating “fans” of you and your business who always want more, will buy more and will bring others to the table so they can too.

It happens to be what creates so many sports fans that follow teams even when they aren’t having a winning season or stand the chance of a championship.

This is the one overriding factor that goes way beyond product and service. It’s the trick to building an emotional bond and it over rules all other “connections” between you and Your customer.

While this does not replace the need for high quality, great experience, and overall exceeding value between you and your customers, it literally makes all three of those things second place.

That may seem contradictory, but not if you follow the components of my message today and next week.

When you learn how to convey and communicate, to bring to life and inspire this into your customers, clients, and patients it will transform your business and transcend beyond decisions being about ‘money’.

Back to my sports reference for just a moment… what does every fan have in common about ‘their team?’

I will tell you. There isn’t a fan on earth who doesn’t somewhere inside themselves, no matter how far from reality they are thinking, who doesn’t honestly believe and hope for their team to have a good year, and who knows, a trip to the championship.

And it’s the same thing your customers want when buying from you.


Hope for something better, something more, something different, hope for a better life, better health, better experience – a better whatever it is that you get paid to deliver.

In order to have hope you first must having something to be hopeful for and about. That premise must be laid out and that is what I expressed in the “nothing happens without communication” newsletter last week.

Ultimately, if you aren’t selling Hope, you must be fighting an uphill battle, because it’s all in this emotion that moves money. You could also call it “vision of the future.”

The bottom line is customers will only part with their money if their belief in the value of and the increase in their desire for the changes, enhancements, benefits, problems resolved and/or other solutions provided is greater in their minds and their emotions than the exchange of time, money and effort to become your customer.

And that is represented first by discovering, creating, and building up of some element of ‘hope’ of what your customer, client or patient is seeking out in the first place.

Oh and by the way, I say discovering and creating and building up on purpose because many customers, clients and patients don’t yet even know themselves what this might be – what they are seeking to find – until they are shown and led to believe first… if they knew they would already have figured out how to become your customer or someone else’s.

This is why the responsibility of “selling” THIS lies on and with you. Thank goodness for that. That is what takes you from being just an order taker to a leader, facilitator, creator and someone of value in your customers’ lives.

So, until next week, the question to ponder is, “How can I better articulate, illustrate, and transcend hope into my customer? So, that when doing business with me, they’re not just getting a product, service, experience, value, or any of that, but they are getting a better life.”

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