Without THIS Nothing Happens

Without THIS Nothing Happens

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Without THIS Nothing Happens

Last week, we talked about action, know-how and then getting your knowledge active…the Success System That Never Fails.
Of course, your success is never yours alone. It involves other people and getting them to rally around your objectives. They need to want whatever it is you are “selling” and to become a part of your mission whether as team member or customer alike.

If you want to move past just transactional business and into building real relationships then you must live this one principle above all others because NOTHING HAPPENS without THIS!

I’m talking about the single most powerful force in our human existence, and the one thing responsible for all the money, all the wealth, and all the opportunities that you have or ever will encounter. The degree to which you master this ONE thing will directly impact and dictate the amount of success you will have. Period.

I’m talking about COMMUNICATION. Not just any type of communication, WORDS that influence, sell, educate, words that move people forward and compel them to action. No different than you must be compelled to act towards your goals – if you are to accomplish them you must compel others to act on them as well.

Nearly every single thing we teach and help our doctors with (aside from the obvious prosperity mindset, disciplined execution, organizing business systems, etc), we are really talking to them and their teams about COMMUNICATION – how to communicate with each other and how to communicate with their patients.

The bottom line is this: until someone writes, talks, or otherwise conveys their message through words, nothing happens. And the beauty of this is you get to pick em – and, let me just tell you like all investments, customers, opportunities, every single thing in life – not all words are created equal.

Probably the most challenging part is different from time, as it is finite and runs out on you, and money, while abundant is still quantitative, words on the other hand are unlimited and unending which is why they require even more discipline to use and to become effective with than anything else.

Specifically, I’d like to share with you what’s liberated me and allowed me to achieve financial independence, and be free from the control of anything or anyone…

The ability to craft, create, and compose words that result in motivating people who read, hear, and listen to them to want more for themselves, to believe in something greater, to be inspired by their own opportunities for growth.

Really that is why you are here right now. And to know that you are not alone in your journey, well at least you don’t have to be; that too is a choice.

I always say no one person will ever be able to accomplish their potential in their life alone because you don’t live long enough to figure it all out. You need accelerated growth, expedited progress, you need to master the skills of communication to get more people to help you on your vision while you are helping them find, define, create, achieve theirs based on whatever is applicable to your business objectives.

Communication also happens to be the single most important and critical key to creating leverage for yourself and your business.

The difference between someone who is good at motivating others with their words (selling) is the difference between a job and a business versus someone who is just an order taker and at the mercy of what someone else says they want.

If you are relying on someone to just walk in wanting what you offer at their first point of contact, phone, website, front door, whatever then you are at the total mercy of your customers, clients, patients. Instead of truly creating an experience through communication that gives you leverage through your marketing, selling process, overall engagement that should be designed to make your patients, customers, clients more valuable to you and therefore to themselves.

This is not done randomly or by chance or accident or automatic or just because you think it should be. It is done through strategic, authentic, deliberate and thought out communication.

Communication, don’t misunderstand, is every way you talk to your customers: video, audio, email, website, brochures, letters, mail, presentations, phone calls, in person, consultative process or, for my doctors, even oral exams. Everything must be in alignment with your ultimate objectives and with what you want to accomplish with and for your customers, clients and patients.

The good news is you don’t have to write (or talk) as much as me to master this for yourself. In fact, one of the greatest assets to my Doctors is BEING THEMSELVES. I always tell them at the very beginning – the best thing we can do is tell your patients the truth, be yourself, use your personality and get your team involved. The more genuine and authentic your interaction is with your customers and patients, the more effective it will be.

And my real secret is this: it has to be something that happens with them not to them. You see, you are not talking at them you are talking together – that is what communication is.

Learning to influence people through communication is the key to increasing your income, and more importantly building wealth in your business because you make all of the parts and people (and especially yourself) more valuable.

Today, I want to give you: 5 Fast Ways To Immediately Get Better Results From Your Communication

1. Write, talk, interact conversationally with your prospects.

2. Be sure you CREATE (and talk about) the problem in your customers’ minds before you try to present (sell) the solution.

3. TELL MORE STORIES; people learn, listen, and love stories… it keeps their attention and they can relate.

4. Often times it’s not your communication that’s bad, it’s that no one is paying attention to it. Make sure you are focused on the challenge of getting someone to be interested. Now, if a prospective customer sought you out then they are inclined to want to buy something – but do not take that for granted, you still must earn and keep their attention.

5. Make sure you are communicating CONFIDENTLY. Whatever you are asking the customer to do, you must make it clear that it is what is BEST for THEM. Be certain, if you are not, they won’t be either and thus they will not buy!

If you want to step up to the plate and embrace the skill required to get to the next level of income and achieve liberation as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to challenge yourself and commit to getting better at this one thing right here. It is truly the difference maker.

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