How To Raise Quality And Multiply Profit Without Relying (or needing) Volume: A Real Business Sales System Part 1

How To Raise Quality And Multiply Profit Without Relying (or needing) Volume: A Real Business Sales System Part 1

July 11th, 2019 // 1:50 pm @

How To Raise Quality And Multiply Profit Without Relying (or needing) Volume: A Real Business Sales System Part 1

Simply put there are two parts to your business when it comes to marketing, selling, making money and taking care of “customers”. There is the generic terms of the front end and the back end. These are the only places where you perform marketing and money making strategies and it really is that specific and important for you to embrace this.
My doctors and their teams refer to their “Front End” and “Back End” of their practices usually related to Administrative or what I call the Business Team and then the Clinical Team.

However, as they learn with me, it’s not front and back, they are all collaboratively working together and that there are even still two sides to their practices of which I’m going to demonstrate here.

The Front End we’ll call Lead Generation, or anything done to drive people into your funnel for marketing and into your sales process and experience.

The Back End is anything that happens after someone becomes a customer, client or patient or goes through your sales process and experience and for the time says no to what you are offering.

This is where most businesses (yes, including my very best Dental Practices), lose so much opportunity because they see “getting the patient in the door” as the victory, or a cleaning or an emergency exam or same day solution to something. Instead of success being define as a comprehensive treatment plan, a patient relationship and what we call comprehensive case acceptance. To any other business that would mean a “yes” decision to your ideal product or service.

Most businesses have no back-end, they have no follow-up system, they do not continue nurturing or cultivating anything from their past customers or ones that are even in limbo.

Today, we’ll focus on the “front end.”

When you break your business down into these 2 parts, you are able to clearly and effectively look at and identify the gaps or holes in your business and the things you can do to make them better. To help more people and to make more money.

First you have to have an effective message that leads to getting someone engaged and into your sales process (in Dentistry we call it the Patient Experience). The entire experience or selling process must be and should be designed to support your objective and desired outcome and what is best for your customer, client and patient – not left up to chance or done accidentally; instead deliberate and purposeful.

Your sole objective should be to get that in front of as many people as possible and to put them through your marketing funnel or screening process to then determine which ones are the right ones for you. That is how you achieve leverage on the marketing front… more exposure or demand allows you to then control supply and price in order to take only the most appropriate customers, clients and patients for you.

This includes getting others to promote for you. In dentistry, they have healthcare partnership or referral networks and in other businesses they can be called affiliates or joint ventures. It simply means you are showing up in other places so your target market and ideal customer sees you.

You also need other coordinated exposure. Of course, this is about direct mail and online lead generation strategies. Front end marketing campaigns that bring you prospects to take through your process.

You want the control over your business throttle and the front end marketing is the only way to do it.

The best businesses do not go for quantity, they go for quality. Once they have that dialed in, you can add as many as your capacity, goals, business model and desired lifestyle can support or require. That gets us back to supply and demand and the leverage that you have when you are in control over it.

What you can take from this today are a couple things specific to the “front end” of your business…

What streams and sources do you have bringing new prospective customers, clients and patients to your business?

What are you doing with them from the first point of contact?

Does your messaging and attraction devices represent the type of customers, clients and patients you want to be getting?

How is your sales process and experience cultivating, nurturing and preparing these prospects to become not just customers but quality ones?

This is more your responsibility utilizing the marketing message, the screening, the educational process and the overall selling experience that you take them through to elevate their quality and the value of them to you and therefore of you to them.

And on top of this, understand that it is not transactional, it is continual. That is, if you want to do it right. Otherwise you risk getting only the easy ones and leaving out all the rest (which by the way is where all the profit is and where the multiplier effect comes into play to shift supply and demand to your favor.

Next week, we’ll talk about what to do with the ones that don’t jump up and down and give you money to become your customer on the first try. Whether they are brand new or existing, the “back end” of your business is how you add an entirely different layer of revenue and profit to your business because the hardest part has already been done.

I’ll show you how not to give up so easily next week.

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